GHP February 2017

, Established in 2001, NOVA draws on over fifteen years’ experience in the probiotic market, and has earned a great reputation internationally by delivering premium probiotics in a variety of innovative formulas and formats. During this time NOVA, has created some of the most trusted and most recommended probiotic formulations on the market today. With over thirty different strains in its probiotic bank and more than two dozen strains in production at all time, the firm offers multiple product lines with probiotic supplements suitable for everyone, from children to seniors, including vegans, those living with milk allergies, inflammatory bowel diseases (IBDs) or other illnesses. The firm’s product ranges, which are famous for their taste and ease of use, are consumed on a daily basis by adults and children in more than 18 countries including France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, the U.S.A., Mexico, Columbia, the UK, the Netherlands, Finland, South Africa, Australia, South Korea and China. Dr. Levy discusses the range of solutions the firm creates in more detail, talking us through the firm’s 1701GH10 Perfection in Probiotics NOVA Probiotics specialises in developing and producing high-quality probiotic formulas for both human and animal healthcare. Founder Dr. Andre Levy talks us through the firmand how it aims for excellence in this vital sector. In addition, the firmwas recently awarded the Leading Probiotic Supplement Provider Award inNorth America, part of the Excellence in Life Science Awards. dedication to quality and how this, coupled with its team’s vast expertise, ensures the safety and satisfaction of its clients. “Here at NOVA, we are centred on delivering superior value to customers and exemplary stress- free, client service. This has enabled us to establish a solid reputation as an innovative and trustworthy manufacturer and business partner.” “This strong reputation within the industry was further secured by our passionate and knowledgeable team of scientists who developed production techniques which involve human resident strains and plant-based growth mediums, making it possible to obtain unique hypoallergenic and vegan probiotic supplements with the highest therapeutic concentrations of colony forming units (CFU). In this same process, we have also acquired Kosher and Halal certifications, allowing us to support an even wider client base.” Currently, the global probiotics market totals $39B in 2015 and is expected to grow at 6.9% due to increased customer awareness of the benefits that pre/probiotics products offer. Probiotics are increasingly being targeted to provide relief in new areas such as inflammatory diseases, allergy prevention, cholesterol reduction and prevention of colon cancer, apart from traditional benefits that they provide in gastrointestinal problems. In such a context, the number of probiotic products available is continually growing with a large variation in quality among the products which can be confusing and overwhelming for consumers. Nonetheless, NOVA’s scientific expertise, superior ingredients, and ability to stay at the forefront of market trends and consumer demands have given the firm a distinct competitive advantage over other probiotic makers globally. In order to maintain this success, the firm’s ongoing focus will remain on expanding and building upon its current achievements, as Dr. Levy concludes. “Over the past 12 months, NOVA has improved its position notably in Middle East countries such as Turkey, Israel, Egypt and Iran. Looking ahead, as a growing company, we are always willing to expand, and as such plans to open more manufactures to meet the demand generated by developing its presence in markets overseas, especially in Southeast Asia and Europe, which is currently an ongoing process. We look forward to the growth and opportunities these developments will afford us and are excited for the future of NOVA.” K Company: NOVA Probiotics (NOVA Essentials Inc.) Name: Dr. Andre Levy (Founder & CEO) Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 4910 rue Piedmont, Montreal, QC. H3V 1E2 Telephone: +1 877 449-NOVA (6682)