GHP February 2017

20 GHP / February 2017 , 1701GH02 Ethical, Reliable and Timely Access to Unlicensed Medicine Idis Global Access, part of the Clinigen Group, is the global leader in providing ethical, compliant access to unlicensed (imported) or unavailable medicines, meeting the demands of pharmacists and physicians around the world treating patients with unmet medical need. This firmwas recently awarded the Best Innovation in the Healthcare Industry. Who we are With over 30 years’ experience and market knowledge, we provide a ‘go- to’ solution for pharmacists and physicians in accessing medicines for their patients who have no other treatment options available. We provide access to medicines that have not yet commercially launched, may never gain approval, are orphan drugs, are rare or difficult to access, have temporary supply problems or are alternatives for discontinued medicines. Right medicine Right patient Right time Patients rely on their Healthcare Professional to provide the unlicensed medicines they need. However, this is not always simple or straightforward, and can present significant challenges for the pharmacist. The last thing a patient wants to hear is that the medicine they need to continue their treatment exists, but cannot be supplied because it is unlicensed in their country, not yet commercially available or there is a supply disruption. Finding a solution can be extremely time consuming and often comes at a crucial point in a patients’ treatment, when time is short. It requires navigating complex country-specific regulations and assurance that the supply chain is secure and ensures patients are protected from any falsified medicines. Experts in access Idis Global Access exists to find solutions to these challenges. We work directly with pharmacists to help remove barriers and enable access to medicines that are unlicensed or unavailable, to meet the needs of their patients. Our unmatched expertise in navigating country- specific regulations, our global capabilities and our extensive product portfolio, enable us to ethically source and safely bring the right medicine into the hands of the people who need it most. Our in-house regulatory teams understand the difficulties of importing unlicensed medicines. By using our local experience and global regulatory expertise we can ensure that you can access medicines that patients need in the most timely and efficient manner. We have an extensive portfolio of over 24,000 medicines with more than 3,000 in stock and available for next day shipment, enabling us to provide efficient access to medicines for patients around the world. Our global supplier and distribution network enables us to rapidly and compliantly supply physicians and pharmacists with ethical unlicensed medicines to over 130 countries across all regions of the world. We manage requests from initial inquiry through to timely delivery, always working within the appropriate legal, regulatory and ethical frameworks and ensuring we get the right medicine to the right patient at the right time. We don’t see barriers, only solutions Learn more about how Idis Global Access offer a lifeline for healthcare professionals treating patients with an unmet medical need through ethical, reliable and timely access to unlicensed medicine. Keep up to date with Idis Global Access and the Clinigen Group, follow @Clinigen on Twitter or like our LinkedIn page.