GHP February 2017

, Please can you give us a short description of your firm does? What healthcare areas does your firm specialise in? Allen Brown at CFL is a single handed Equine veterinary practice. Most of the work is ambulatory, but we have clinic facilities to use when necessary. How does your firm stand out from other similar services in the veterinary industry, especially in the local area? The main difference between this practice and others in the area is that it is single handed - clients always know which vet they will see. The exception being when holidays or sickness/ emergency overload happens when the AH160032 Improving the Welfare of Horses and Ponies We spoke to Allen Brown of CFL, Equine Veterinary Services about the ambulatory work of this practice and their aim to improve the welfare of the horses and ponies registered with them. They were recently awarded, Best Equine Veterinary Practice - Vale of Glamorgan, and as such they tell us more about the marvellous work they do. neighbouring practice helps out. Occasionally, we help out the neighbouring practice in a similar way. What are your overall aims and objectives? What strategies do you employ to achieve these? The main objective of the practice is to maintain and improve the welfare of the horses and ponies registered with us, and strive to help with performance related problems with diagnosis, treatment and management advice. We offer a 24/7 service, with a neighbouring practice helping out when necessary - as a single vet practice this arrangement is very important. How is your company performing at present? The company has only recently ventured into the veterinary market (in 2014), with extensive initial investment necessary. Performance is satisfactory at present. Do you have any client testimonials you would like to share? We don’t like to publish testimonials - our work relies on word of mouth contact and we strive to sort out health and performance related problems as efficiently and economically as possible. What role do your staff play in the successes of the business? The staff at CFL (Coldbrook Farming Ltd) are pivotal to the whole enterprise - everyone plays an equally important role in running the business. What challenges does you face in the future, in terms of the company and the veterinary industry? The future challenges for the business lie in maintaining an up to date working knowledge of the best available medical and surgical treatments available to our clients. This is achieved by regular and effective CPD. How do you see the company developing in the next few years? Over the next few years we aim to maintain and improve the quality and effectiveness of the treatments and preventive care that we provide. There are no ambitions to increase the number of staff. K Name: Allen Brown Company: CFL, Equine Veterinary Services Email: [email protected] Address: Argae House Stables, St. Andrews Major CF64 4HD Telephone: 0770 339 8771