GHP February 2017

28 GHP / February 2017 , Founded in 2002, BioMed is committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of service and useful and attractive high-quality products. Sam outlines how this is achieved through dedicated research and strong industry expertise. “Here at BioMed our goal is to assist people dealing with muscular pain or physical injury through well-designed, high quality products and the best service. As such we offer products that leave clients feeling relaxed and renewed. “In order to ensure that every one of our clients receives a product that is created to the highest possible standard, we spend a lot of time researching and perfecting our product design and consider many possible aspects that are often times overlooked in our industry. We spent years improving the pillow’s design and we continue to improve it in the techniques that we use to create them. “When creating new products, we base our designs on our customer’s feedback and demand, trying to add new features to products to give them more of what they want. We put our full effort into creating the highest quality products, for example we double sew all the closings so that no filling 1701GH07 The Pain Relief Market is Heating Up BioMed DB Design, LLC creates personal health care related products such as neck pillows and heating pads for pain relief. We caught up with SamWright to learnmore about the innovative products the firmprovide. The firmwas recently awarded the Best Therapeutic Neck &Head PillowProvider. leaks, and we use sergers to sew the inside so that it does not come apart easily. Our products are made to be durable, fully functional and look good. In addition to our vast product range we frequently custom make pillows for people based on requests.” The range of products BioMed offers helps clients to ensure that they enjoy comfortable muscles whatever their circumstances, and through its vast array of products, according to Sam, the firm is able to support clients with all manner of additional issues which arise from modern life- i.e. pain from sitting at a desk for long hours. “Long distance travel, hours sitting in front of a computer or television, sports injuries or muscle strain, joint pain due to arthritis. Wherever you might have pain, BioMed has a product that will provide soothing relief and support. Our microwavable heat wraps, and heated neck pillows, which come in a variety of shapes and sizes, will provide soothing relief and treat soreness from temporary to chronic pain. “Our Ergonomic Neck Pillows provide comforting support for your head and neck and are perfect for travel by car, coach or airplane, or simply resting in bed, or on a recliner. In addition, our heat therapy products in combination with lavender, treat neck and shoulder pain, reduce stress and relax the soul.” Competition is fierce in the market for heat related products but, as Sam explains, it is BioMed’s dedication to quality which sets it apart from other, similar firms. “Competition is tremendous in our market, and as such BioMed has to work hard to stay at the forefront of clients’ focus. Anyone can make a microwavable heating pad from a sock and rice, and many companies mass produce and market similar products. We stand out because we emphasize customer care and spend so much time designing our products to best fit our customers. “In our specific sector of the care industry, automation is driving prices down, while we continue to hand-make our products. We continue to compete based on the quality of our products based on their design, usability, and care for our customers.” Operating in such a highly competitive field means that BioMed has to remain innovative and constantly adapt and improve its service offering. Sam is keen to emphasise the fact that this will remain the firm’s ongoing focus moving forward. “Looking ahead, BioMed will continue to grow, improve our current products, and design new products based on consumers’ needs.” K Company: BioMed DB Design, LLC Name: Sam Wright Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 34310 9th Ave S., ste 101 & 102, Federal Way, WA 98003 Telephone: +1 253 678 1361