GHP February 2017

Contents , K 4. News 8. Top-Quality Immune Research* 12. Serving Over 500,000 Individuals Annually 14. Preclinical Contract Research Studies 17. Perfection in Probiotics 18. The Role of Science in the Well-Being of All People 20. Ethical, Reliable and Timely Access to Unlicensed Medicine 23. Improving the Welfare of Horses and Ponies 25. Serious About Sickness 28. The Pain Relief Market is Heating Up 30. Quality Care and Compassion for Pets 32. Leading the Way in Healthcare Technology 34. A New Dawn for the Bornean Sun Bear 36. World Hospital Leaders to Gather in Australia in 2018 38. Winner’s Directory K * Top-Quality Immune Research @Immunservice GmbH