GHP February 2017

8 GHP / February 2017 , 1612GH03 Top-Quality Immune Research Immunservice is the expert to develop innovative well-tolerated therapeutic use of cytokines, in particular interleukin-2, the major immune-modulating hormone in humans and animals. In our innovative indications, we develop cytokine therapy to treat obesity (international patents granted, EU, USA) and nicotine addiction (international patents granted, EU, USA), making smart use of natural immunological mechanisms in the exciting new field of immunometabolism to downregulate appetite and nicotine craving, with promising results already obtained in clinical trials with patients. Our clinically most advanced development, interleukin-2 for inhalation, covers cancer indications. It is used to treat patients with lung metastases of renal cell cancer or melanoma and has been shown in clinical trials to cure or at least prevent suffocation from these tumours. The treatment of viral diseases is another successful area covered by Immunservice. In an ongoing field trial a new therapeutic antivirus vaccine developed by Immunservice has produced fascinating results against aggressive tumours in animals, particularly papilloma virus- induced sarcoids in horses. Immunservice is an EMA- recognised SME company (small and medium-sized enterprise) specialised in the R&D of interleukin-2. The goal of our company is to close therapeutic gaps by developing medicinal products, in particular interleukin-2, for immunotherapies. Our innovative products are already available to everybody for research purposes. Immunservice sells recombinant human interleukin 2 for research use as well as i2Cult IL-2 Complete Medium, a ready-to use medium for the culture of interleukin-2-dependent cells, such as the murine T-cell line CTLL-2, and we provide a well-developed, ready to use WST-1 Cell Proliferation Kit for measurement of cell proliferation. Spotlight on Prof. Dr. Dr. Edith Huland After 20 years of university- based research on preclinical in vitro and animal studies and leading single- and multicentre clinical trials in the cytokine field, I founded Immunservice in 2006 to make sure that these curative and well-tolerated immunological therapies would be made available to patients in high need. I am CEO and CSO and the head of an interdisciplinary and highly motivated and specialised R&D team. My major tasks have been to secure funding of our activities, initiate a top-quality GMP production of our different innovative interleukin-2 products and vaccines, and realise strategies for market access of our innovative products, including patent development and regulatory activities such as scientific advice procedures and orphan designations. Additional tasks involve intelligent design of clinical trials to provide patients in high need with effective therapies that are safe and affordable and produce convincing and clear results within short timelines. Standing out from the crowd In one stop Immunservice offers potential customers and licensees affordable access to different variants of top- quality GMP- grade interleukin-2, R&D interleukin-2, I2Cult media, analytical immune and bioactivity tests and proprietary and IP-protected interleukin-2 based medicinal products and vaccines, including patient data from clinical trials in highly innovative fields, in particular blockbuster areas of high need but also orphan indications. The development of animal pharmaceutical immune products is also within the scope of our activities. We are very likely the only company worldwide where you will find such expertise and products on one shelf. I have been very active in the field of interleukin-2 immunotherapy for some 30 years now, but almost every day a new promising field arises for effective use of this immune hormone, such as immunometabolism, addiction, ageing, neurodegeneration. For me personally, interleukin-2 has become not only a subject of research but also a field of deep fascination reflecting how nature controls and manages the most complicated functions of the body logically and efficiently. We will benefit dramatically once we learn from this natural model. In addition, Immunservice is structured to allow quick and non-bureaucratic decisions. Company performance Immunservice successfully develops immune pharmaceutical medicinal products and has a web shop that offers specialised, top-quality immune research material tested for excellent performance, as well as GMP grade interleukin-2 products and immunological test services. Immunservice is proud that our clinical developments are supported by two highly experienced private business angels and a foundation active in pushing promising new treatment options as well as by the High-Tech Gründerfonds, Germany’s most active and leading seed stage investor. Moreover, sales of our web shop products are growing and contribute to our strong standing in the biotech area. Our most successful products for sale are recombinant human interleukin 2 for research use, i2Cult IL-2 Complete Medium, a ready-to use medium for the culture of the Interleukin-2-dependent cells like the murine T-cell line CTLL-2 and the WST-1 Cell Proliferation Kit for the easy measurement of cell proliferation.