GHP July 2017

GHP / July 2017 5 A Vision for the Future g while recovering from illnesses and surgeries. The sumptuous delights are created by our in-house dieticians and 5-star hotel chefs who take into account calorie contents and create special meals for those with food allergies. And this menu is revised every quarter to ensure that we are at par with the current treatment and food requirements. For in-patients, their stay in the single room comes with 3 main meals and 2 tea breaks. And if that is not enough, the VVIP suite goes the extra mile by providing you with butler service who will tend to your needs 24-7. Our specialists are carefully selected and credentialed by Medical Advisory Committee to offer their expertise in different fields of specialties and many of them are recognised by their peers nationally and internationally for their outstanding achievements and breakthroughs. While collaboration with internationally specialists is an on-going process to provide the best for patients, the medical fraternity also provides technical and medical knowledge and skill transfers to doctors in other countries. The hospital also has the facilities to transmit live surgeries and procedures from the operating theatre to the auditorium or nearest hotels where conferences are held.