GHP July 2017

8 GHP / July 2017 , What products and services does your firm provide? The main product categories we develop and produce are: • Holographic Shrink Sleeves • Pressure Sensitive Labels • Stand-up Pouches • Display Boxes • Single Serves • Bar Wraps • Canisters Also, we are considered branding experts from logo and label designs to completed final artwork. We have been in the industry for over 20 years and have the expertise to make our clients’ brands stand apart from others. What does your client base look like? In general, we deal with Sports Nutrition companies worldwide, although the majority of our current business is in the US. Recently, we have been expanding to Europe and the Middle East in a big way. In April, we were an exhibitor at the FIBO Trade Fair for Fitness and Health, in Cologne Germany. Attendees overall response to our booth and what we were promoting was very positive. We also cater to higher-quality nutritional food companies in developing specialty type packaging. What are your firm’s unique selling points? We know the industry. We are on the pulse of what works and what’s effective. We understand printing and know how to interplay with special imaging 1703GH10 A Good Sport In a word or two, ARRANTI is a teamof sports nutrition packaging and branding specialists. They provide guidance and recommendations for a vast array of packaging options, as this interviewwith the firm’s CEO Jeffrey Herrington discloses. features in areas where others have difficulty in achieving the same results. We are very price competitive and offer exceptional, fast turnaround service. The materials we use in our packaging products is superior to most and allows for less inaccuracies. We are extremely detailed oriented and are conscience of any discrepancies when developing final results. What are the main challenges facing your company today? Managing the current growth we are experiencing. Ensuring our clients are given the best possible outcome in packaging options and elevate their brands to new and higher levels. What are the main objectives for your business in the future? To be the global leader in sports nutrition packaging and known as the company who cares about making a positive impact to our clients’ brands and bottom lines.