GHP June 2017

12 GHP / June 2017 , 1703GH07 Promoting the Future of Medicine Minnesota-based supplier of promotional medical marketing equipment, ProMed Supplies, strives to ensure that its compliance aids benefit both the customer and the end patient. We invited PeterWill, President and Owner of ProMed to tell us more. Based in Rogers, Minnesota, for more than 45 years, ProMed Supplies is the supplier of promotional giveaways and direct-to-customer marketing solutions for pharmacies, home healthcare and pharmaceutical companies. “We see marketing as one of the key criteria to success,” explains Peter of ProMed. “Whether developed in our own marketing department, through social media or outsourced services, promoting ProMed Supplies products and capabilities is the foundation for building a successful business. “Our ‘Made in the USA’ custom medication compliance aids help strengthen the relationship between pharmacist and client. We understand the value of functional promotional compliance solutions by producing our core promotional compliance aids using medical grade materials. Pharmaceutical companies are assured that the compliance aid they choose to match with their medication will encourage patients to take their medication.” The firm began life as a custom imprinters for the semi-conductor industry and, by developing printing techniques and understanding the needs of the pharma industry for accurate dosing aids, it now offers several aids in a variety of colours and packaging options. The firm’s commitment to value helps its customers to increase their sales with compliance aids which meet patient’s expectations by: • Providing a high level of care • Taking an interest in them as a person • Counselling on prescription and non-prescription medications • Managing health and disease • Delivering prescriptions • Customizing prescription services At ProMed, it isn’t all about the innovative products, it is also very much an amalgamation of the dedicated staff who help run the company. “Our team members are the heart of the company,” Peter states. “Team members are encouraged to think about their role in the company and often come up with the ideas that create greater accuracy and efficiencies. We work together to meet the company mission statement; Creating a Positive Customer Experience - Every Time.” This approach is clearly working as ProMed customers can’t praise the company enough, as Peter highlights. “They appreciate working with a vendor that listens to their needs and develops a product or program that suits their requirements.” Despite its success, there are challenges that ProMed faces within the industry, for example, competition from overseas’ companies that are not required to meet the same high compliance standards as those in the US, and recruiting skilled labourers can sometimes prove troublesome. But despite these issues, Peter is adamant that the future for ProMed is very bright indeed. “In 2017, we are planning the implementation of technology through integrated software programs, state of the art equipment, and automation.”