GHP June 2017

14 GHP / June 2017 , Originally from Saudi Arabia, Dr. Anas Hasan Al- Mulla is a member of the American Association of Orthodontics. Recently, Dr. Anas was selected as part of GHP’s Top 25 Orthodontic Specialists. Speaking of his success, Dr. Anas describes his role and what the title means to him. “At Drs. Nicolas & ASP, I am a Consultant Orthodontist taking care of all their Orthodontic patients in Jumeirah Pediatric and Mirdif Branches in Dubai, UAE. Alongside that, I spend a few hours a week teaching (Post Graduate Orthodontic Residents) as an Assistant Professor in the European University College. Also, I frequently commute to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to take care of my Lingual (Incognito) orthodontic patients in Kharsa Orthodontics. “To be part of the Top 25 Orthodontic Specialists, it feels rewarding on both a spiritual and personal level, knowing that my hard work in caring for my patients is well recognized on an international level. “It means a lot, I graduated with my PhD at age 30 and now, I am 1706GH02 Dazzling Orthodontic Treatment Drs. Nicolas & ASP are the biggest (in number of branches) dental treatment provider in Dubai. Kharsa Orthodontics is the most prestigious dental clinic Riyadh can offer. We recently spoke with Dr. Anas Hasan Al-Mulla to tell us more. 37. Knowing that I am one of the top 25 Orthodontic Specialists makes me feel blessed. This inspiring recognition motivates me to continue my hard work in treating my patients to the highest-level Orthodontics can offer.” Looking ahead, Dr. Anas highlights some of the qualities that Drs. Nicolas & ASP (Dubai) and Kharsa Orthodontics (Saudi Arabia) can offer to potential clients, but also envisions what the future holds. “One of the best Dental Treatments UAE & Saudi Arabia can offer, whatever dental treatment you need, we can professionally handle.” “As for what the future holds, I hope to continue providing the highest level of quality work to patients. All what I am, and have become, is due to the blessings of God, my family and my friends; I am not lucky, I am blessed.” Contact: Dr. Anas Hasan Al-Mulla Contact Email: [email protected] Companies: Drs Nicolas & ASP (Dubai, UAE) Kharsa Orthodontics (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) Tel: +971 4 255 9977 (Dubai) +96611 4653895 (Riyadh) Web: (Dubai) (Riyadh)