GHP June 2017

GHP / June 2017 17 Park. These spaces are wider width, clearly signposted, located in a CCTV zone, on the same level as the shops and close to the ticket machines. These are for use by either people with dementia who are still driving or carers who are looking after a person with dementia. “Another project is the working partnership with Bracknell Film Society and South Hill Park Arts Centre to provide Dementia Friendly Film Screenings on a monthly basis that commenced 13th March. People with dementia and their carers have been involved in the project from the outset consulting on everything from environment and advertising to the types of films that will be shown, also the ticket price.” Now, the DAA has over 50 member organisations and this grows on a monthly basis. The reach within the community from such a diverse set of organisations is key to its success. When discussing the main goals for DAA, Viki informs us of an Alzheimer’s Society report found that less than half of people living with dementia feel a part of the community (47%) and nearly three quarters (73%) of UK adults surveyed do not think society is geared up to deal with dementia. “The main goal of the DAA is to make Bracknell Forest a community where people with dementia feel confident, understood and supported to live well. The DAA encourages a range of local organisations to become members and to sit as part of the steering group. “These member organisations will support people with dementia and their carers to identify future projects, share resources and work in partnership to raise awareness of dementia within the community.” One tool that is also used to help to raise awareness is The Alzheimer’s Society ‘Dementia Friends’ Information Sessions. Attendees take part in the session which last approximately 1 hour and take part in activities to help increase their understanding of dementia. Viki has made over 250 new Dementia Friends in Bracknell over the last year. These Contact: Viki Rowland Contact Email: [email protected] Company: Bracknell Forest Dementia Action Alliance Address: Church Hill House, 51 – 52 Turing Drive Bracknell, RG12 7FR Best Dementia Support & Research Group - UK g include every watch from Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service – Bracknell Fire Station. Moving forward, Viki reflects on the challenges that DAA face in the future and the wider industry they are part of. However, Viki also highlights the hopes for DAA and discusses the developments within 2017 and beyond. “Ensuring that the DAA is sustainable for the future and that the DAA can continue to make a positive impact in the community for those living with dementia. The DAA relies heavily on support from volunteers and representation from member organisations. “2017 will be a key year for the DAA in Bracknell Forest as it will see the opening of the new town centre in September. The regeneration is a major multi- million-pound project that is called ‘The Lexicon’. We hope that all of the project work we have undertaken over the last 10 months to make it more accessible and enjoyable for people with dementia will be well received. “Also, we look forward to feedback from the community Bracknell Forest Council and Dementia Action Alliance - Dementia Friendly Parking Spaces Location Photo RBFRS and Dementia Action Alliance Photo Bracknell Film Society, South Hill Park & Dementia Action Alliance Dementia Friendly Film Screenings Location following the opening that we hope will kick start further projects.”