GHP June 2017

GHP / June 2017 29 Three Ways That Technology is Transforming the Life Sciences and Healthcare Supply Chain g What this means in a very practical sense is that new technologies are not only enabling auditable compliance with regulatory requirements but also helping life sciences and healthcare organizations to ensure alignment of logistics and transportation processes with business objectives. Effective analytics enables each company to identify new ways to grow the enterprise with better methods of storing and transporting pharmaceuticals and medical devices, predicting demand and improving inventory management, and getting closer to customers and patients. Digital transformation is progressing rapidly in logistics, transportation and the supply chain, and DHL has the knowledge, experience and infrastructure to support life sciences and healthcare customers through these changes. Since 2010, we have completed over 1 million DHL SmartSensor shipments and contributed over 160 million temperature measurements in the supply chain. We have 4,900 life sciences and healthcare -dedicated staff, 150+ pharmacists, and 90+ life sciences-certified stations. In addition, we have 150+ life sciences-graded warehouses, 15+ GMP (good manufacturing practice)-certified sites, and 20+ clinical trial depots. And we continue to make substantial investment in the development and deployment of technology innovations so that we successfully deliver healthcare to the world.