GHP June 2017

GHP / June 2017 3 Contents , 4. News 8. ALMAC: Irish Based Chemical Production Takes Centre Stage 12. UniversalPromo, Inc.: Promoting the Future of Medicine 14. Dubai Health Care City: Dazzling Orthodontic Treatment 15. Jarrah House: Best Female Residential Substance Treatment Service – Sydney 16. Bracknell Forest Council/Dementia Action Alliance: Best Dementia Support & Research Group - UK 19. The Laser Treatment Clinic: Multi-Award Winning Skin Specialist 20. Inclusion.Me Ltd: Inclusion.Me Sees Increasing Demand for Occupational Therapy Services 22. Alberta SPCA: At the Forefront of Animal Welfare Advances 24. VetStem biopharma: Leaders in the Use of Stem Cells to Treat Animals 26. Polaryx Therapeutics: Small Molecule Based Non-Invasive Therapy for Late Infantile Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis 28. Three Ways That Technology is Transforming the Life Sciences and Healthcare Supply Chain 30. Light Of Hearts Villa: Best Assisted Living Executive Director - Ohio