GHP June 2017

GHP / June 2017 5 NEWS , The new solutions are designed to de- liver unparalleled access to Citeline’s robust clinical trial intelligence with greater ease, speed and efficiency than ever before. “Our next generation of clinical R&D Intelligence solu- tions are truly market driven,” said Linda Blackerby, President of In- forma Pharma Intelligence. “We have partnered with hundreds of customers to understand their data needs and workflows, and have developed our new Citeline platform and APIs based directly on their feedback.” The new Trialtrove and Sitetrove provides users with the ability to go even deeper with search criteria to make better and more well-informed critical decisions, gain competitive advantage, save costs on and optimise ROI for their clinical trials. The new APIs will also come with Informa’s ac- claimed Ask-the-Analyst service, connecting users with therapeutic expert analysts whose average response time to queries is 24 hours or less. Informa’s new Trials and Drugs APIs will enable users to search or stream information directly from Citeline’s R&D Intelligence databases into their own systems and embed Informa’s quality da- tasets directly into their own or- ganisation’s data and workflows, minimising duplicated effort and time spent acquiring and manip- ulating data. “Clinical R&D professionals need to design strategies, develop pro- tocols, plan and execute trials that are on budget and on time,” said Nicola Marlin, vice president of product. “Our team of scientific The BioMedTech fund which targets 200 million Euros is dedi- cated to investments in a dozen essentially French start-ups. They are most- ly MedTechs but some are also BioTechs working in the fields of minimally invasive interventional medicine (connected prostheses, interventional imaging, robotics, virtual biopsy, etc.) and biotechnol- ogy products offering breakthrough improvements, particularly in car- diovascular, osteoarticular, and infectious diseases, or neurology, dermatology, and oncology. The fund’s investment criteria, par- ticularly in the MedTech field are as follows: • The development of a radical innovation, capable of chang- ing the lives of patients; • A product capable of becom- ing a ‘first-in-class or “’best- in-class’, world leader in its sector in 6-8 years; • A very high level manage- ment team and board of di- rectors, from the beginning of the activity; • A broad and strong intellec- tual property portfolio with licensing freedom; • Attractive sectors for industri- al acquirers or for stock mar- kets. Truffle is highly skilled in detecting radical innovations in American and European universities and innovative companies with high growth potential. It has contributed effectively to the structuring and optimisation of many life sciences investments. “This investment completes Guer- bet’s innovation strategy. We want to actively contribute to the de- velopment of new diagnostic or therapeutic solutions that are very innovative for the health of pa- tients, particularly those based on minimally invasive, ambulatory or image-guided procedures. We ap- preciate Truffle Capital’s entrepre- neurial approach and their focus on radical innovations in medicine,” said Yves L’Epine, CEO of Guer- bet. “We are very pleased Guerbet has so much confidence in us. Our past successes are based on proven sector-specific expertise, an entre- preneur-investor strategy, and on our ongoing search in the world’s leading universities for radical in- novations to found start-ups that can change the lives of patients. With our new fund, we will help build tomorrow’s medicine with young companies, many of which could become global leaders,” said Philippe Pouletty, Managing Direc- tor of Truffle Capital. analysts live and breathe the data universe to bring our customers a deep understanding of the cur- rent clinical trial landscape. The new Citeline platform and API solutions allow users to enjoy the same depth and breadth of specialised, high calibre content, delivered the way they want to better fit their need, internal solu- tions, and workflows.” “These new releases further rein- force our commitment to our cus- tomers to help them gain critical insights into the global clinical trial landscape, realise greater cost-savings and ROI as they develop on their clinical trial pro- grams,” stated Michael Hay, head of intelligence. “No other intelli- gence solution comes close.” Attendees at this week’s DIA and BIO International conferences will get a sneak preview of these next generation solutions, which will begin launching to custom- ers in July. Additional solutions including the next generation of Citeline’s Pharmaprojects and additional APIs for Investigators and Sites are in development for launch later this year. For more information, visit pharmaintelligence.infor- Guerbet Invests in the Truffle Capital Fund Dedicated to Medical Devices and Biotechnologies Informa Pharma Intelligence, the leading provider of drug, device, company, clinical trial, andmarket intelligence in the competitive pharma andmedtechmarkets announced the launch of its next generation of Citeline’s Sitetrove and Trialtrove solutions, as well as new application programming interfaces (APIs) for Trials and Drugs. A global specialist in contrast products and solutions for medical imaging, inmid-June announced that it has signed an equity acquisition of fifteenmillion Euros in the BioMedTech fund (FPCI) managed by Truffle Capital.