GHP May 2017

10 GHP / May 2017 , 1702GH09 GELITA – Improving Quality of Life Healthy nutrition plays an important role in the lives of today’s modern consumers. Increasing numbers of people are not only trying to avoid E-numbers, allergens and high levels of sugar and fat in their diets, but they also see food as a way of improving their sense of well-being, their performance and even their appearance. And with populations aging in virtually every nation across the globe, consumer demand for solutions that can tackle age- related conditions and keep people active for longer is growing at an impressive rate. One of the leading German companies serving today’s consumer interest in added-value products is GELITA. Based in southern Germany near Heidelberg, the company supplies Bioactive Collagen Peptides® with proven body stimulating capabilities that enable the food and pharmaceutical industry to develop products in line with the trends of today and tomorrow. The innovation game Statistics repeatedly show that companies that innovate are more successful than those that don’t. Whether it’s to meet current consumer needs, reach new markets, exploit niche opportunities, improve overall profitability or just stay ahead of the competition, it’s mission critical to focus on adapting, improving, modifying or developing completely new products. Innovation is also key for GELITA. “For more than 140 years, science-based innovation has been the driving force of our success, and that of our customers. We continuously monitor global markets and consumer trends to help our customers develop innovative approaches to new products. From technical support, recipe or concept development and nutritional and regulatory advice, we offer guidance and expertise throughout the entire value chain,” said Oliver Wolf, Marketing and Communication at GELITA. GELITA’s collagen peptides are non-allergenic ingredients that have no E-numbers, so they are perfectly suited for clean label concepts. They can easily be incorporated into a wide variety of products — from pharmaceutical-like applications such as capsules, film-coated tablets and standard tablets to indulgence products such as chocolate, instant coffee, beauty drinks, shots or new product segments that bridge the gap between traditional categories which is an area of great interest to the company. Crossover innovation As consumer health concerns continue to influence the way food and beverages are produced and positioned, previously well-established boundaries between different industries are beginning to blur. One example of crossover innovation is the synergy between food and cosmetics, resulting in the emerging market of nutricosmetics: beauty-from- within products that are delivered as foodstuffs. Another example of crossover innovation is the fusion of food and pharmaceuticals. As food becomes healthier and pharmaceuticals enter the supplement and nutraceutical market, exciting new product innovation opportunities have been identified. Fortified gummies, for example, combine an effective delivery system with the indulgence of a confectionery treat. To drive innovation and demonstrate the potential of this young category, GELITA’s technical experts are constantly working on new fortified gummy concepts. However, the production of these kind of products involves much more than just adding vitamins and minerals; it’s also about meeting the particular needs of specific focus groups, such as elderly people, and counteracting and preventing specific ailments such as osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and sarcopenia. With their unique physiological properties, collagen peptides can play a key role in making tailored gummy concepts and other crossover innovations a reality. Why collagen? It’s a well-known fact that high quality proteins are important tools when it comes to effectively improving bodily functions and well-being at every age. Collagen is the main structural component of the various connective tissues in mammals. Comprising 25–35% of our whole-body protein content, it’s the most abundant protein in humans and, in the form of elongated fibrils, is mostly found in fibrous tissues such as tendons, ligaments and skin. In particular, the Bioactive Collagen Peptides® from GELITA are proven to be very useful in many serious health issues related to aging, such as protein malnutrition, joint, muscle or bone problems, and loss of skin vitality. Being hydrolysed to a certain extent, these specific collagen peptides can be readily absorbed by the body and are easily digestible as well as highly bioavailable. As GELITA is committed to providing ingredients that are supported by science, all collagen peptides have been tested in numerous preclinical and clinical studies, both of which confirm their beneficial effects and their safety. 1. Power to the people Limited physical performance, muscle loss, the depletion of structural proteins in the skin, bones and cartilage, as well as degenerative joint diseases, are just a few of the problems associated with aging. People who want to stay fit and healthy as they grow older have several