GHP May 2017

20 GHP / May 2017 , heavy lift and oversized cargo; and Customs Brokerage, for all customer import needs. Furthermore, Fracht FWO, Inc. also offers additional services in the supply chain including, but not limited to, 3PL, warehousing, on board couriers and purchase order management. After being founded in 1955, they opened their doors in the USA with their first office in New York in 1976. Chicago and Los Angeles followed in 1985 and 1988 respectively and they now offer 12 locations across the USA. Back in 2001, Ruedi Reisdorf Sr. handed over executive control to his son, Ruedi Reisdorf Jr. Through continuous expansion, acquisitions, and partnerships, Fracht has established its presence in key strategic locations all over the world. Whether customers need to move a hydroelectric power plant from Germany to Alaska, ship a Tiffany lamp to Paris, import electronics from the Far East, or move textiles from Kyrgyzstan to Italy, they can count on the efficiency and expertise of our international network. Having worked within this industry now for over 25 years, Chris joined Fracht 5 years ago. His role within the company is VP Airfreight Product, looking after Fracht’s air freight services inbound and outbound. Closely working with over 50 staff in the USA who specializes in their airfreight product. As well as supporting them, Chris also travels across the globe, meeting with the major airlines improving their buying power and cementing relationships with Fracht’s key vendors. Working with some of the worlds most respected multinational manufacturers Fracht is held in the highest regards by its clients, as Chris highlights the company’s principles. “When working with Fracht, you are not treated as just another client, but as part of our family. It is understood, throughout Fracht, that without the customer, we would simply not exist and this message resonates in the work we pride ourselves in. Fracht has been noted for dedication, passion and reliability of its employees as well as the innovative and value based solutions we provide.” As for any business from any sector, the future may hold problems for them. For Fracht, Chris explains how the future of the industry in general presents a number of challenges. “Every day our world becomes more globalized. There are increased volumes of cargo being transported to new regions of the world and at a faster pace than ever before. As these changes occur, it is vital that the proper systems are in place and the right relationships have been nurtured in order to maintain quality, service and reliability. “In view of the aforementioned it is essential that our dedicated compliance team stays up to date with an ever-changing world of legislation and new global initiatives.” Due to high demands and requests from their key accounts around the world, Fracht has recently opened a Pharma and Healthcare Division in the USA. Headed up by Neville Darlaston, VP Key Accounts, they are providing logistics solutions for this growing industry. The life sciences industry is constantly striving for reduced costs, better supply chain visibility, increase reliability, quality and regulatory compliance. In order to remain focused on regulatory compliance, Fracht are working towards achieving their CEIV status. Looking ahead, Chris informs us that since inception, Fracht has maintained a focus on the future. “We continue to grow as an organization because of the strong foundation in which Fracht was built. 2017 and beyond will be no different. Fracht will continue to expand our global presence through the re-investment of our resources, acquisitions and partnerships remaining at the fore-front of technology. Above all, continuing to provide innovative, tailor-made solutions for our current and