GHP May 2017

24 GHP / May 2017 , 1702GH13 Stress Management ITC Consultancy deals with all aspects of stress management for both public and private organisations. ITC Consultancy, based in Long Eaton, Derbyshire, delivers a range of training and consultancy in psychological therapies and associated training services, including key subjects around conflict and stress in the workplace, developing resilience and a more emotionally intelligent and effective organisation ITC Consultancy started as a solo operation in 1999 delivering training primarily in Conflict and Stress management for a range of public and private organisations together with one to one personal therapy and coaching to clients presenting a range of psychological issues from minor anxiety and confidence issues to significant depression and personality problems. Today, ITC Consultancy continues to deliver one-to-one therapy and coaching but also specialises in a range of subjects including dealing with extreme difficult personality types in the workplace, emotional intelligence and mindfulness for the modern workplace and a specialised group of trainers delivering on conflict management, personal safety and soft skill restraints for health care professional across all sectors. As well as one-to-one therapy and coaching, the firm’s Core CPD Training includes programmes on: • Dealing with Extreme Persistent Difficult behaviour in the workplace • Understanding and working with different personality types • Developing Psychological / Emotional Resilience • Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness for the workplace • Understanding and managing Compassion Fatigue and burnout • Conflict and Stress Management / Personal Safety Training / Soft Skill Restraint training Other Clinical CPD Training delivered includes: • Developing and using Mindfulness skills for coaching and therapy • Understanding personality and personality disorders • Concepts and applications of strategic therapy and Third Wave CBT models • Understanding and using Motivational Interview skills and Developing Language skills for clinical work ITC Consultancy runs a number of CPD events at its Nottingham office and in house sessions across the UK. All sessions can be delivered as short one hour introduction to full one and two day sessions depending on need. Martin Smith PhD leads ITC Consultancy. He has been a trainer for nearly 30 years and in clinical private practice as a psychotherapist for more than 16 years. He has a long association with the NHS both as a trainer and as a coach / therapist for staff at all levels of the organisation. He has particular interest and specialises in anxiety conditions, trauma and phobias as well as issues around extreme difficult personality types and the management of such personalities. He also has extensive management experience at various levels in large public organisations and presents to a variety of Public and Private Organisations both here in the UK and in the United States of America. He is a member of The Institute for Leadership and Management – ILM as well as a life member of the Open University Psychological Society and a senior accredited member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy - BACP. He holds a Post Graduate Diploma in psychotherapy working from solution focused and brief therapy methods. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychotherapy and a Doctorate in Psychology. The ITC Consultancy training team now consists of a range of qualified trainers and experts in the various fields and subjects that they present in. With an accumulative experience spanning more than four decades, and experience working with a range of organisations, the firm has delivered to a number of leading organisations across the country from NHS Trusts, Universities, GP Practices and Manufacturing and Retail Organisations. The depth of experience of the trainers has helped ITC Consultancy to be a leader in the subject areas they deliver in. Feedback from organisations, groups and individuals about the work conducted by ITC Consultancy has remained both extremely positive but also the draw from many has been the functional and practical approach the training takes to the subjects being delivered. This is predominately due to using trainers who not only know the subject but also have worked in real settings that help give them the experience to make training real to participants. Key challenges in ITC’s field of expertise include being able to deliver training that is relevant and fits the needs of the organisation whilst also being cost and time effective. Over the coming year the focus at ITC is to continue to be flexible in its delivery and meet the demands of each organisation that seeks the firm’s services. The focus is also to continue to develop core subjects such as the working with extreme difficult behaviour, which remains a unique speciality subject, and which ITC leads the field in. It is also to develop better programmes around well-being and to move away from generic programmes like stress and resilience to more focused and relevant issues for organisations. A key example is the workshops on Compassion Fatigue and Emotional Burnout, subjects that every organisation needs to pay greater attention to in the next few years as ITC continues to try and do more with less in all sectors and workplaces.