GHP May 2017

26 GHP / May 2017 , 1702GH15 A Sustainable Alternative Barrier Plastics, Inc. (BPI) is the sole North Americanmanufacturer of Baritainers® - a revolutionary newway of packaging and transporting liquid chemicals that have proven difficult to contain and require either fluorinated high density polyethylene (HDPE) containers or metal packaging. Kevin Callahan tells us more about this firm, which has been running since June 2008 and is based in Irvine, California. Baritainers® are a sustainable packaging alternative and Barrier Plastics is a member of the Greener Package (see: www. ). As Baritainers® possess barrier properties, there is no need for further post-manufacturing treatment such as fluorination. The carbon footprint is reduced since additional transportation for treatment of HDPE is eliminated and the planet is made safer with the reduction in use of toxic fluorine gas. Since they are lightweight and square, Baritainers® are an economically attractive alternative to metal packaging. The approximate 50% reduction in weight - combined with the square jerry - can design results in reduced freight costs and greater cube utilisation. Less truckloads not only mean less cost but also less emissions. Moreover, since the base material is 93% HDPE, they are recyclable. Kevin Callahan then tells us what the firm’s customers say about the work they do and the challenges they face in the future. “Once customers adopt our barrier technology for their barrier packaging requirements, they become strong advocates and supporters of what we do. Customers come to realise the positive benefits for their customers, the environment and their bottom line. We have had many customers, thru word of mouth marketing, send us additional opportunities because they become so convinced that using Quoral® based packaging is a better alternative to what else is available in the market.” “In addition, the biggest challenge is customer education and product acceptance. Customers have been comfortable with previous barrier technologies, e.g., fluorination, for the last 50 years. Thus, we spend a lot of time and effort educating them to the benefits of using Quoral® based barrier technology for their packaging requirements. High Density Polyethylene containers using QUORAL® BR technology The BP Polymers trademark QUORAL® covers a whole range of different barrier resins. BR is the abbreviation for ‘barrier resin’, which describes the concept of a barrier resin additive introduced via the master batch in a single-hopper/mixer processing technique. This BR is used to create discontinuous barrier layers in a high- density polyethylene (HDPE) extrusion process, whether in an accumulator or continuous extrusion machine. Numerous overlapping layers - or platelets - of polyamide are distributed over the entire wall of the container by means of special extruder tooling and careful monitoring of the extrusion process. These overlapping polyamide layers reduce the permeability of the container wall by extending the path taken by any molecule migrating (permeating) through it. The barrier layers formed are monostructures in that they are integrated into the HDPE matrix creating one solid polymer structure. Kevin then tells us about QUORAL® BR in his own words. “QUORAL® BR consists of a modified polyamide 6 designed to work with HDPE. Since it is packaged as a granular material, the concentration of QUORAL® BR can be varied and its barrier properties thus adjusted to meet specific requirements. The finished container retains the excellent physical properties of the HDPE resin with no negative impact on label adhesion or colorants chosen. “With favourable processing conditions and the appropriate concentration of QUORAL® BR its barrier properties can be up to 100 times more effective in the containment of hydrocarbons than pure HDPE. And, as a secondary benefit, it reduces water vapor and oxygen transmission rates vs. untreated HDPE. Finally, there is no shelf life issue as the barrier does not degrade since it is structural.” “QUORAL® BR is a safe, nontoxic and noncorrosive polymer. This means that it is not only safe for the user, but it is also recyclable without any need for special handling for end of life disposal. QUORAL® BR is compatible with food products.” Fields of application for BARITAINER’l packaging BARITAINER® packaging can be used for products containing solvents, such as household and industrial chemicals, cleaning agents and adhesives, as well as flavours and fragrances in the food and cosmetics industries. It can also safely package additives in the automotive sector, photo chemicals, and agrochemicals. “BARITAINER® packaging is therefore an attractive and environmentally sound alternative to glass and metal containers. They can also replace co-extruded and fluorinated containers as well as other single-layer barrier resins such as Barex and PVC. Because BARITAINER® products are made primarily of HDPE, they have all the material advantages of that polymer and