GHP May 2017

GHP / May 2017 27 Company: Barrier Plastics, Inc. Name: Kevin Callahan Email: [email protected] Web Address:; Address: 3972 Barranca Pkwy, #J468 Irvine, CA 92606 Telephone: + 1 949 380 1611 A Sustainable Alternative g can be manufactured in a variety of complex shapes and sizes” Kevin goes on to explain. The properties and special features of UN BARITAINER® packaging are as follows: • Highly effective barrier effect; • Can be completely emptied; • Rugged and impact resistant; • UN certification for hazardous substances; • Resistant to chemicals and acids (see chemical compatibility chart); • Not hazardous to health (compatible with food products); • Corrosion resistant; • Resistant to high and low temperatures; • Stackable - suitable for palletising; • Blow-moulded handle in top of container; • Grip recess in bottom of container and; • Ideal surface for brand advertising: silk-screen printing or labelling options. Identification “All our BARITAINER® products, UN and non-UN, are marked with the BARITAINER® logo embossed in the wall” Kevin goes to explain, adding that, “there are other identification markings such as the UN No., part code, manufacturer’s designation and the time (production date) when appropriate. The brand marking also serves as our seal of quality for this special barrier container. Only containers marked in this way are genuine BARITAINER® products from Barrier Plastics located in the US.” Developments QUORAL BR® technology can be used for all Barrier Plastics containers both UN and non-UN. Barrier Plastics continues to launch multiple product lines of various designs and styles for both custom and standard applications. Kevin ends the interview by telling us how he sees the firm developing in 2017 and beyond. “We are expecting a very strong 2017; LY our revenues saw double digit increases and Quoral® usage tripled” he says.