GHP May 2017

28 GHP / May 2017 , topDentis Cologne is one of the leading dental surgeries for patients suffering from dental phobia in the Rhineland. With painless methods of treatment, we help to overcome dental phobia by sensitively tackling dental problems. We believe: Dentistry needs more than technical skills. Every aspect of our service is focused on the needs of our patients. We offer an all-round carefree package that covers extensive consulting, transparent planning and organisation in a convenient and flexible way. Coupled with a high level of comfort and an empathic, friendly treatment we are able to make our patients feel at home with us. We offer the full spectrum of modern dentistry: Implant dentistry, aesthetics, dental conservation, periodontology, endodontics, prosthetics and oral surgery. Keep Smiling Specialising in dentistry for people with phobias, topDentis Cologne is not only an expert in dentistry, but also in putting people at ease. topDentis Cologne is one of Germany´s most recommended dental surgeries on the internet and has received numerous national and international awards, including Praxis+Award 2015 & 2016, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Award 2016, European Medical Excellence Award 2016, Design Award 2014. The practice combines all areas of modern dentistry under one roof. Our range of services ranges from dental prostheses to dental implants, optimizing your smile with an invisible brace (Invisalign®) to complex treatments in oral surgery. For all treatments, your pain relief is our top priority: We treat you only when you give the OK and are free of pain! We will be pleased to advise you in detail. A supply tailored to your needs does not start at the door to the treatment room. With state-of-the-art diagnostics, prudent use of the latest technical developments and constant further training of the entire team, the dentist’s office topDentis Cologne follows a concept aimed at prevention and the long-term preservation of its own teeth. Reliability, willingness to perform and acting responsibly for the benefit of our patients are crucial in the composition of our team and motivation to constantly question our performance in order to be even better for our patients. The focus is always on the patient. A partnership-oriented support of our patients, which is oriented to their individual needs is an essential part of our philosophy. Through comprehensive advice and education we create the basis, so that you can decide which steps we go together. Through our specialization in the treatment of people with fear of the dentist, we offer help where others fail. The path is as important to us as the destination. We offer a dental therapy of anxiety patients with and without general anesthesia. Through step-by-step coaching, we help you get a normal relationship to your teeth and their treatment. Feel good at the dentist? This works out. We feel comfortable when our patients feel comfortable with us. This basic attitude is spread throughout all areas of our services. Especially for advice and service from person to person. In the same way, the focus of the design of our practice rooms was to create a pleasant ambience that invites our patients to feel comfortable far away from typical expectations of a dentist’s visit. This is why the treatment chair can wait. We would like to meet you and your wishes in a relaxed atmosphere in our meeting room. Each treatment is then preceded by a comprehensive investigation, followed by a consultation on your options. Since we pay great attention to the heart’s desire for many patients after long-term preservation of their own teeth, the professional cleaning of the teeth as a regular prevention of damage to your teeth is of special importance. In order to ensure the success of your medical care efforts, we have developed common cleaning techniques with state-of-the-art treatment methods in order to effectively eliminate all risk factors and advise you on all aspects of oral hygiene. This keeps your teeth healthy for a long time. 1702GH01