GHP May 2017

GHP / May 2017 31 Future of healthcare is being ‘connected’ to drive faster collaboration g of Finland’s citizens. The goal is to develop these applications in accordance with the healthcare regulatory landscape, while also supporting the regional economy. In addition, the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS) is planning to work with Watson Health and employ cognitive computing to aid in the early identification of serious bacterial infections in prematurely born babies and to bolster imaging of cerebral hemorrhage patients. HUS is also evaluating Watson Health and employing cognitive computing to aid physicians in providing patients with personalized cancer care. Finland’s vision to restructure and digitalize its healthcare system, with its tech-savvy citizens and mobile capabilities, as well as a social environment that supports a culture of health made it a perfect destination country to establish the Watson Health Center. Taking a partnership approach to collaboration has placed Finland globally on the front line of development and deployment of cognitive digital healthcare in an open ecosystem with local and international partners. It is an approach that could be replicated by any country. Time will tell, but it is this approach that will deliver a truly connected healthcare system and the future of healthcare.