GHP May 2017

GHP / May 2017 33 The Importance of a Healthy Mind in Business g illness isn’t always easy, but there are a few tell tale signs. If your colleagues are quick to become irritated or angered, frequently complaining about lack of energy, struggling to concentrate and remember details or finding it hard to make decisions, then they could be suffering from depression. Employees taking an increasing number of sick days, failing to complete their usual duties or behaving strangely in the workplace could also be at risk. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to talk to your colleagues about mental health and managing stress. Many people will struggle to identify the onset of depression as it occurs, and most of us will put up with extremely high levels of stress before we do anything about it, hence the reason that stress is often referred to as “the silent killer”. Keeping mental health firmly on the agenda can help workplaces to thrive on both a personal and professional level. Dr Leigh A Neal is a consultant psychiatrist and founder of Smart TMS ( ) a London clinic offering non- medication-based treatments for depression. He has more than 20 years experience in the field. 1 and-solutions-infographic/ 2 en/managing-tomorrows- people/future-of-work/assets/ reshaping-the-workplace.pdf 3 uploads/2015/09/2263c5c0- b8ec-47e6-8628- 818183d2bd68.png 4 uploads/2015/09/2263c5c0- b8ec-47e6-8628- 818183d2bd68.png