GHP May 2017

GHP / May 2017 37 , What products and services does your firm provide? Tangent 90 provides the Vendit platform for sharing content with customers. Our platforms are used in a range of sectors but are primarily focused on life sciences and healthcare. The Vendit platform enables compliant sharing of copyright materials such as medical reprints with doctors. What does your client base look like? If you are putting science at the forefront of your engagement with customers then it is very likely that you’ll be using or considering the Vendit platform. The Tangent 90 customer base consists of the brands that have 1702GH03 Our Company in 60 Seconds something to say about the science behind their claims to an audience who are information hungry. What are your firm’s unique selling points? Vendit has been built from the ground up as a solution for sharing content at scale. The focus is on sharing valuable content in compliant multi – channel, multi-region and multi- lingual world. We enable content at some of the largest events and from some of the largest organisations in the world. What are the main challenges facing your company today? Educating the market is a challenge. Doctors tell us they want digital however 90% of copyright material is bought and delivered on paper so it is a challenge to bring disruption to this supply chain. Digital transformation in most companies has ignored commercial copyright content so no budgets were allocated even though this has created an expensive corporate risk and we solve it for free! What are the main objectives for your business in the future? Our key objective is to see Vendit established as the industry standard platform for the controlled distribution of copyright materials. That in turn will lead to - Good information getting into the hands of the right healthcare professionals - Improved governance and risk control for Pharmaceutical companies - Better information in the market from enhanced analytics and reporting - Reduction in carbon footprint from the elimination of paper copies What business or business person do you most admire and why? Elon Musk is solving big issues of payment, energy generation, energy storage, electric and high speed transportation, affordable apace flight and reaching to Mars. His humble ambition is to solve the challenges that most of us wouldn’t imagine we could. I can’t wait to see what he does next! Name: Richard Lucas Company: Tangent 90 Ltd Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: London. UK Telephone: +44 1753 822 922