GHP May 2017

Purchasers of surplus equipment, used equipment, preowned equipment Michael Benalt Inc. is a Global Supplier for High End Laboratory and Pharmaceutical Equipment. We are in the business of purchasing and selling surplus laboratory, process and packaging equipment, specializing in the Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food and Cosmetic industries. For over 40 years we have assisted businesses like yours in achieving top returns for your idle equipment and moving forward with acquisitions in order to fulfill your customers demands. We assist with Import/Export shipping with regards to paperwork and making sure your purchased items are properly prepared for shipment. Contact us today and see how Michael Benalt Inc. can work for you. Above are just a few of the many items we have available in the Laboratory, Processing and Packaging Industries 1703GH01 Glatt Procell Fluid Bed Processor PK2 CFT MVP VBlender Glatt Mini Fluid Bed Processor Aeromatic Strea1 Fluid Bed Dryer Hassia VFFS Niro Mobile Minor 2000 Spray Dryer We Purchase Used Equipment