GHP November 2017 - Rejuvenation Dentistry

20 GHP / November 2017 , SPO17005 Best Osteopathy Clinic – Angus The Broughty Practice for OsteopathicMedicine is based in Angus; however, a variety of its patients attend froma vast geographical area that covers many parts of Scotland. Clinic Principal and consultant Osteopath, Dr Salwan Baradhi gives us an insight into the practice’s success. The Broughty Practice for Osteopathic Medicine, was founded by two Osteopaths in the 1970s, albeit under a different name; and since taking over in 2006, Dr Baradhi has strived to continue and enhance the legacy of Osteopathic care, building up the reputation of the Practice, which is currently well established and well-renowned in North East Scotland. Dr Baradhi provides us with a brief overview of his past experience, and what goals he has set for the company. “After achieving my medical qualification in 1996, and interning in General Medicine and Paediatrics, I went on to specialise in Osteopathic Medicine and have been since in practice for nearly 17 years. I am a former lecturer and module leader at the Osteopathic programme at Middlesex University-College of Osteopaths. “Here at The Broughty, our clinic’s aim is to promote health within a musculo-skeletal scope and hence help patients presenting with various musculo- skeletal, sports, as well as rheumatological conditions by providing evidence-based and evidence informed treatment procedures.” Discussing some of the caseloads he deals with, Dr Baradhi points out the diversity of patients that attend the Practice. He mentions some of the services that the clinic offers, as well as how focused the staff are on maintaining a high standard of care by constantly training and learning, looking to stay ahead to help provide the kind of service that patients expect. “Working in Osteopathic care, our patients cover a wide age span from newly born to patients in their nineties. Our services include a wide variety of treatments to help patients with birth –related musculo-skeletal trauma to sports and musculo- skeletal injuries. Our clinical results are reinforced by the positive feedback, remarkable word of mouth recommendation, and reviews by many a patient. “Furthermore, we at The Broughty are in constant determination to maintain a high standard of Osteopathic care through attending regular conferences, seminars and workshops to further our scope of practice and help keep us up to date with the most recent Osteopathic and indeed Allopathic advances, to serve the patient best.” Always looking to improve its services and patients’ recoveries, Dr Baradhi is keen to point out two new procedures, which highlight the innovative nature of himself and the Practice. “Accordingly, in addition to our Osteopathic service we have recently managed to incorporate two procedures that are evidence-based to help patients’ recovery. These are Joint steroid injections that are suggested as a last, not first, option of treatment, and only when other treatment modalities have been slow in achieving the desired result. “The second is Kinesiology taping which has proved an effective adjunct to Osteopathic treatment as and when relevant. Moreover, we are in the process of investing in a novel system that will digitalise our entire data -base on file, that will prove a challenging and arduous job, rewarding nonetheless.” Reflecting on the Osteopathic sector, Dr Baradhi highlights the promising future of Osteopathic Medicine. ‘The Osteopathic sector is an ever-growing sector. The number of Osteopaths in practice is progressively increasing yearly and this is largely due to the evidence-based and evidence- informed training which equips the profession with the necessary safety and competence criteria that are proving invaluable and also demonstrating effectiveness in treatment procedures, that are lacking in other similar primary care disciplines. Backed by the current NICE guidelines and the overwhelming patient demand we are confident that, whilst the majority of Osteopaths work in the private sector, the pathway to securing NHS contracts is getting more realistic and less of a challenge. You only need to speak to General Practitioners and other primary care providers to understand the urgent need to restructure primary care delivery to suit the patient best. The modern approach has to be a preventative one which is an essential osteopathic principle, prevention better than cure and more cost effective, especially in the musculo-skeletal field. In his concluding comments, Dr Baradhi outlines what he believes the future holds for The Broughty. He believes this