GHP November 2017 - Rejuvenation Dentistry

GHP / November 2017 23 New Revolutionary Tools for Pharma and Medical Researchers Ready to Go Further g Name: Alexander Serre Position: Sales & Marketing Director Email: [email protected] Websites: & Address: Sägereistrasse 25, 8152 Glattbrugg, Switzerland Telephone: +41 43 544 87 10 of which would not have been possible had it not been for FluidFM. The product allows companies conducting research to break boundaries and go beyond current limits in their investigations. Having built a solid foundation over the past decade, the challenge for Cytosurge in the coming years is to further expand the availability of FluidFM around the world, carefully selecting the routes to market, and building solid distribution and technical support partnerships around the globe. The company fully supports the technical demands that such an advanced and unique technology generates. A brand new BSL-2 Bio Lab has recently been opened at the headquarters near Zurich airport, which allows future customers and partners to test the suitability of the technology for their needs before buying. It can equally perform sub-contracting for researchers who are waiting for their grants to come through. Looking ahead, the FluidFM journey has, so far, been a step by step growth plan centred around a unique technology, with proven advantages for researchers, conducted by a hand-picked team of experts, each specialist in his/ her domain, and driven by a modern management style that encourages team-work and empowers the individual. From these solid foundations, a structured international development plan over the next five years is being implemented.