GHP November 2017 - Rejuvenation Dentistry

GHP / November 2017 27 , 1709GH01 Acting Together to Achieve Your Health and Fitness Goals CoActive physio is a young, dynamic Physiotherapy and Pilates clinic, established in January 2016 with the simple goal of providing its clients with the highest quality, accessible treatments. Recently, we invited Senior Chartered Physiotherapist, Sarah Stewart to profile the clinic as well as revealing to us what makes it attractive to clients. All physiotherapists at the clinic are highly specialised in their fields, undertaking additional and ongoing training and qualifications to maintain the high standards of care our clients have come to expect. We serve Chester and the wider Cheshire region, and see clients from all lifestyles, age groups and presentations. Sports and fitness related injuries and rehabilitation do of course feature heavily in our case load, but we also see more chronic presentations such as arthritic pain and posture related problems. We are neuromusculoskeletal specialists, with advanced practice training, so are well qualified to see a variety of conditions. To achieve the “accessibility” for our clients and make it easier for them to get an appointment, we have a seven day working week, including early morning and late evening sessions - even a 24/7 contact policy. Clients are able to contact us any day, any time. Whether that’s via text/phone call/email/social media, we will get back to them as soon as we can. Also, we have an online booking system, whereby clients can book their appointments directly online via the website. Both physiotherapists currently working at CoActive Physio, have extensive experience within the sports and fitness industry. They are heavily involved with continuing professional development in order to keep up with the latest developments in physiotherapy practice and maintain the highest standards of care. Sarah Stewart (clinical lead) has worked with and treated a wide variety of sports related injuries during her 10+ years in physiotherapy practice, and is currently undertaking her Advanced Physiotherapy Practice masters to further enhance her knowledge base and skills. Abi Okell (Senior Physiotherapist) is heavily involved in supporting the British Paralympic ski team on their route to the 2018 Paralympics, and has recently been a part of the medical team at the IAAF World Athletic Championships in London. At CoActive Physio, clients will receive a thorough assessment and be provided with a personalised, progressive guided rehabilitation programme to return them to full fitness, plus preventative training to reduce the risk of re-injury. At the start of this year, CoActive Physio opened up its onsite gait lab, providing clients with a comprehensive gait analysis service using advanced technology that can help athletes to improve their running technique as well as pick up subtle asymmetries that may be leaving them vulnerable to injury. The interpretation of this data by an experienced physiotherapist then guides the rehabilitation programme. A further factor that adds to our services in the health and fitness sector, is our clinic location within a high end boutique personal training studio, owned and run by KT Chaloner. We are fortunate to be able to work closely with highly experienced personal trainers, who can also give our clients advice regarding nutritional needs to enhance their fitness and recovery, and on site there is a gymnasium area that lends itself well to fitness rehabilitation. The upstairs studio, where KT Chaloner’s personal trainers run a variety of fitness classes, is also used by CoActive Physio for clinical Pilates, a major part of our business, which enhances client’s rehabilitation back into full fitness for their sporting activities. The physiotherapists at CoActive Physio are trained by the APPI (Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute) and are fully qualified Pilates instructors. Pilates is a fantastic form of exercise for anyone, and complements all sporting fields well – it can be used for rehabilitation as well as for prevention of further injury, and helps with sporting technique by addressing muscle imbalances and asymmetries in the body. Being selected as the Sports and Fitness Elite 2017 is something we are immensely proud of, even more so as the only physiotherapy clinic from the UK. It is a fantastic accolade and recognition for all the hard work we put into the business. It gives us a great stance point from which to push our services within the sports and fitness industry, and opens up further opportunities for developing those services in the future. CoActive Physio is growing and developing all the time. The overall plan is to expand the clinic, both in scope of services offered as well as number of health professionals available, resulting in further opening up appointment slots for patients seeking to find treatment without the waiting times. Lastly, we will be looking to develop relations and partnerships with local sports clubs, to provide more specific sport related services to those clients, and bringing on board further technological advancements in the fitness industry to help athletes reach their fitness goals. That’s the great thing about physiotherapy, it is an ever evolving field and the future is an exciting one. Contact: Sarah Stewart Contact Email: [email protected] Company: CoActive Physio 33 Filkins Lane, Boughton, Chester, CH3 5EJ, UK 07919 411845 Web Address: www.