GHP November 2017 - Rejuvenation Dentistry

GHP / November 2017 3 Contents , 4. News 6. Renew Your Mind, Body, And Smile 10. Photonic Tumour Therapy 13. A True Sport 14. Knowing the Drill 16. IV Antibiotic That Could Reduce Pressure on the NHS 18. Establishing Successful Consultancy Processes and Relationships, Built on Mutual Trust 20. Best Osteopathy Clinic – Angus 22. New Revolutionary Tools for Pharma and Medical Researchers Ready to Go Further 24. Intensive Treatment for Extensive Results 26. A Supportive Charity 27. Acting Together to Achieve Your Health and Fitness Goals 28. Central Hub for New Ideas and Innovation 29. Accessible, Individual & Quality Care 30. Cost-Effective Healthcare Technologies 32. Improving the Health Care of Patients 34. A Worldwide Leader 36. Drilling for Success in the Dental Market 37. Premier Care: Providing Quality Care at Home 38. FOTIVDA ® (Tivozanib) Now Licensed in the European Union