GHP November 2017 - Rejuvenation Dentistry

GHP / November 2017 31 Cost-Effective Healthcare Technologies g Name: Julia Kendrick – PR contact Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: North East Business & Innovation Center Sunderland SR5 2TA, UK Telephone: +44 (0)191 516 6765 They have had the intuition to believe in Arquer in the past and their support is going to be pivotal to our success. The final challenge is an industry-wide one; the innovation must provide reliable, clinically relevant and cost effective solutions, an equation that is imperative for Arquer and a challenge for the industry overall. For us, 2017 will be a milestone year. We will be launching our first product in Europe in October 2017 ( ADX BLADDER, diagnostic test for Bladder Cancer) and we will be preparing for two more launches in 2018 (Bladder Cancer monitoring and Prostate Cancer diagnostic tests), plus the expansion of the commercial geographical footprint. We are also engaging with the FDA to plan our market entry strategy, so the future is going to be, let’s say, very busy!”