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34 GHP / November 2017 , 1709GH02 AWorldwide Leader GPSi™ is a leading provider of cloud-based telematics solutions, trackingmore than 75,000 connected vehicles in over 50 countries. We spoke to Ben Porter who tells us more about the firmand its recent success of being named in Sport & Fitness Elite 2017 and CEO of the Year – Florida. GPSi, with offices in Sarasota, FL, Austin, TX, the UK, Sydney, AU and Hong Kong, develops custom software solutions for fleet managers in various industries, from luxury motor coaches to golf cars to school buses. GPSi’s intuitive software provides operators the information they need at their fingertips, and with 24/7/365 U.S.-based customer support and a global field service organization, GPSi is dedicated to delivering the best customer service in the industry. Ben describes specifically what services the firm offers within the sports and fitness industry, and how the firm differentiates itself from other similar firms in the industry. “GPSi’s Visage™ product, which is a mobile information system, is a revenue improvement technology for golf operations. Not only does it raise productivity, protect assets, and increase revenue for golf operations, but it provides a more interactive golf experience for their customers. Aside from the precise yardages and available hole flyovers, golfers value the instant contact with the pro shop and grill, and the high-touch service Visage™ delivers. We differentiate ourselves in this industry because we are an exclusive partner of Club Car allowing us to connect with the golf car enabling the golf operations to be able to control the location of each car, the speed a car is able to go, and even disable a car if it starts driving into a restricted area.” As the head of a successful firm, Ben explains more of the attributes that he believes he possesses which makes him an award-winning business leader. He is keen to highlight that he is deeply involved within the business, working with staff to provide the best service. He also goes into more detail about how the firm integrates technology into its work. “Fundamentally, the short, simple answer is that I am good with numbers. The real attribute though is that I am deeply involved with every aspect of the business and I ensure that each of my employees understand that they have my full support. “At the heart of GPSi is technology. Each of our products embody a very comprehensive hardware and simple-to-use software solution developed to assist fleet owners with streamlining and improving their operations.” Following on from explaining what characteristics he believes make him a successful leader, Ben tells us how it feels to have been selected in the Sport & Fitness Elite 2017 as CEO of the Year – Florida. “Honestly, I feel extremely honored and appreciative for receiving this significant award. I would not be here today, accepting this award, without the hard work of every single employee at GPSi, and I would like to thank my family for their unwavering support.” When working within an ever- changing sector, Ben comments on what techniques the firm employs to ensure that they are always at the forefront of emerging developments. “Adapting all the time, our software is constantly being enhanced. The principal technique we utilize to battle the ever-evolving industries are the constant research and development we perform. In fact, we have released 31 consecutive quarterly software upgrades free to each and every one of our customers.” Looking at the software industry as a whole, Ben highlights what most companies within the sector are now focusing on, the switch from paper to electronic systems. “Importantly, the industry that we are focusing new efforts to presently is the motorcoach market. There is an Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate that will be going into effect this year on December 18th. Many of the motorcoach owners and operators currently use a paper logging system to track their driver’s hours, and will now have to convert to an electronic system. Our product offerings make this adjustment simple for owners and their drivers to adapt to this change in their industry.” Throughout Florida, there are a range of benefits both for the staff and GPSi. Ben believes that the company are able to attract the best talent, as the paradise setting makes it easier to recruit. “Our headquarters are located in sunny Sarasota, Florida. The main benefit is that we live in paradise, so recruiting talent to move to Florida has not been a trial for us. The challenge is that we are not located in a major metropolitan area where there is a large pool of talent to pull from.” Ultimately, the future of GPSi is in the fleet’s telematics division, including motorcoach and student transit fleets. Ben signs off by explaining what is ahead for GPSi, as well as alluding to how the software industry may change and how the company will adapt. “Moving forward, we are excited to continue to research the needs of owners and operators in these industries and continue to develop and update our products to meet their demands. We have noticed many owners and operators of fleets in these markets have yet to find a trusted long-term provider who can satisfy all of their needs and update the product post- installation as their needs and demands evolve with the ever- evolving industries.”