GHP November 2017 - Rejuvenation Dentistry

8 GHP / November 2017 you both look and feel younger. Dr. Gerry Curatola, skilled dentist on the Upper East Side, utilizes holistic treatment philosophies that will set you on the path to beauty and wellness. After decades of experience transforming smiles, Dr. Curatola has integrated total body wellness into the practice of oral health enhancement. Rejuvenation Dentistry ® is not just about looking younger; it is also about living longer. Dr. Curatola is nationally recognized for both the smile makeovers he performs and philosophy on total body wellness through the importance of the mouth-body-spirit connection. The same philosophies of wellness and caring that established Rejuvenation Dentistry ® have guided the company to become the best dentist in Midtown, NY that actively help others. Frequently he performs pro bono dental work in impoverished neighbourhoods and travels to other countries to provide much-needed dental care. Continuing on the discussion about holistic treatment, Rejuvenation Dentistry ® uses ‘Holistic Dentistry’ as it considers the patient’s entire state of physical and emotional well-being. holistic dentistry is also sometimes referred to as Biological Dentistry, Biomimetic Dentistry, Metal-Free Dentistry, Toxic-Free Dentistry, and Natural Dentistry. Using holistic dentistry, Dr. Curatola looks at the mouth as a passage way and a mirror to the entire body. An important element of wellness, is to possess the ability to maintain health through the prevention and treatment of oral disease. There has been proven research that shows how oral health plays a critical role in disease prevention, longevity, and even a healthier gum. Focusing on the preventative screening of overall health factors, which include oral health and anatomy, reviewing patients’ nutritional habits, exposure to environmental toxins, and lifestyle, Dr. Curatola is able to ascertain many aspects of patients’ systemic health through his examination of the mouth. He focuses on the underlying condition rather than merely treating symptoms. Dr. Curatola advocates a holistic medicine philosophy, placing focus on both health and wellness. The objective at Rejuvenation Dentistry is to synchronize their patients’ dental health, with their overall physical and emotional wellbeing. This is achieved through the use of non-toxic and biocompatible materials, and through the safe removal and replacement of dental materials shown to be detrimental to the health of the patient. Dr. Curatola has a deep understanding of the harmful effects of dental toxins on overall health as a result of treating numerous patients who have all suffered consequences of harmful substances. He has sharpened an expertise in the identification, isolation and removal of incompatible and injurious restorations in the mouth with proper biocompatible dental reconstruction. In addition to the removal of toxic elements, an example being mercury fillings and corrosive metals in implants and other restorations, Dr. Curatola primarily focuses on restoring health and promoting recovery in the mouth. Toxicity in the mouth impairs overall immune system. Dr. Curatola focuses on reducing harmful inflammation caused by infections and incompatible materials to restore and strengthen the immune system. It is no secret that a gorgeous smile can transform a person, giving someone both the beauty and confidence to live life to the fullest. Also, a healthy smile can make over your life. Even if it is something as simple as tooth restoration, it can have a dramatic long-term impact on your physical health, emotional well-being, and enjoyment of daily activities. The right choices in oral health care can either maintain or even improve your appearance and health. Moving forward, Dr. Curatola hopes to continue the dazzling success he has accumulated over the years of working within his respected field. Dr. Curatola will continue his work on helping to restore health, but also to provide each of his clients with a beautiful smile.