Pharma Packaging & Manufacturing Awards

ghp Pharmaceutical Packaging & Manufacturing Awards 2016 | 11 Most Innovative Pain Relief Cream: Soodox Eczanes Pharmaceuticals is an innovative company that is focused on research and development to ensure the delivery of a great range of products that are unique, and which combine the powers of science and nature. The firm manufactures its products in a TGA facility, but it ensures that every step of the manufacturing process is monitored. Eczanes Pharmacuticals collaborates with its manufacturing partner to ensure that the best quality raw materials are used and that a high quality product is delivered. The firm’s key products are Soodox Pain Relief cream and Soodox for Women Pain Relief cream, with a plan to launch Soodox Sport in 2017. Soodox pain relief cream is non-greasy, easy to apply and contains only naturally sourced active ingredients. This means that Soodox is not messy to use, and its active ingredients can be applied where they are required. Soodox creams are soft and gentle to the touch, and contain rosemary oil, which may assist peripheral circulation, and arnica extract, which has a long history of use in Western herbal medicine for the relief of mild join inflammation and pain. Soodox can also be used on active muscles before, during and after sport and exercise, or as part of a warm-up routine to help relieve muscle soreness. The team at Eczanes Pharmaceuticals is constantly on the look-out for new ideas and new technology to improve the firm’s products and its manufacturing processes. Eczanes works with pharmacists, regulatory consultants and its manufacturer to stay ahead of emerging developments and regulatory changes in the industry. Eczanes Pharmaceuticals would love to receive feedback from its customers, and it believes that nothing is more rewarding than hearing that a patient has been relieved of pain and is happy to be able to use the Soodox product line. The firm is excited to announce that it will be launching three new exciting products in 2017 and 2018, and invites readers to use their website to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in its product range. Eczanes Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd is a Pharmaceutical Company that was established in 2011. As a pharmacist, Shida Kebriti aimed to combine and harness the powers of nature and science to develop effective products that are of the very highest quality. Shida works closely with formulators, manufacturers and distributors to develop, manufacture and sell the products in pharmacies. Contact Details Company: Eczanes Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd Name: Shida Kebriti Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 84/171 Walker Street, North Sydney NSW 2060 Telephone: +61 433 133 918