Pharma Packaging & Manufacturing Awards

PP160008 ..the award winning BioLingus Technology What is the relation between the ancient Lotus flower and breakthrough innovation in Healthcare? BioLingus is a Swiss biotech company spearheading the development of oral (sublingual) and mucosal delivery of peptides and proteins for chronic diseases and immune-therapies. It is a cutting-edge and mature solution for oral formulations, not only for peptides, but also small molecules, novel protein scaffolds, nucleotides, domain antibodies, vaccines, immunotherapies etc. With this we can limit the need for injections in diseases like diabetes and inflammatory diseases. Our technology uses advanced bio-engineering technology which mimics some aspects of the Lotus flower seed. In the lotus flower seeds, some proteins remain stable in extreme conditions for up to 1000 years. Grossmatt 6, CH-6052 Hergiswil ”Inspired by Nature” Best for Oral Drug Delivery Solutions- Switzerland