Pharma Packaging & Manufacturing Awards

4 | ghp Pharmaceutical Packaging & Manufacturing Awards 2016 Best for Analytical Chemistry Services - New Jersey & Best Laboratory Sterilisation Product: Gibraltar SteriKit® Gibraltar Laboratories are a patient-first company; everything they do is dedicated to ensuring that patients and consumers have the safe experience that the company is trying to create, with the drugs and medical devices that they depend upon. As experts in microbiology and chemistry, Gibraltar Laboratories are an outsourcing destination for manufacturers to obtain independent impartial certification that the products they manufacture meet the standards of excellence that are required of them. Daniel is happy to highlight that the team at Gibraltar Laboratories are 100% dedicated to customer satisfaction. Their values are shared by all who work for them, and include teamwork, respect, learning, handwork, excellence and growth. “Every test we perform is important, as it is crucial that our work is completed to the highest standard to ensure safety. The research tests that we undertake are the most exciting and challenging, because we need to marshal all of our scientific knowledge and creativity to help our client. We are often involved with our clients marketing team to substantiate new claims that propel our clients to a heightened competitive advantage. We have recently launched the Gibraltar Sterikit®, which saves our clients time, space and money. “Our facility is award winning, and is applauded for its design as a testing laboratory and sterilization services provider. We were an IPSE 2015 nominee for Facility of the Year. Our in house team of experts brings on professional subject matter experts to help us achieve the technological advantage that we are able to offer. Cleanliness goes together with our value of “excellence”. Cleanliness is not only important to our lab and manufacturing operations, but it is also a window into the care our company takes in all that it does, and is something that our visitors always notice.” Gibraltar Laboratories stay ahead of the technological developments in their field, as their attention to quality and regulatory affairs allow them to remain in the loop. They participate in outside training as well as webinars and in house lectures. We are also very active on social media and at networking functions. Daniel is also proud to highlight the enviable culture that is fostered at Gibraltar Laboratories. “Our culture is very friendly, hard-working and promotes a can-do attitude amongst our employees. We are driven by our commitment to excellence, learn from our mistakes and commit ourselves to growth. Our hiring and employee review practices revolve around our company values, so a great emphasis is placed on behaviour and attitude.” Gibraltar Laboratories is a provider of contract sterilization, open glass vials and contract testing services. It has outstanding reputation for customer service and turnaround time. Services include: USP microbiology and chemistry including, endotoxin research, antibiotic assays bacteriology, mycology, virology, chemistry, cleaning validations, in vitro toxicology, particulates, total organic carbon, and various assays. Gibraltar Laboratories has set the Gold Standard for contract laboratories. We spoke to Daniel to find out more about the firm and their operations. PP160013