Pharma Packaging & Manufacturing Awards

ghp Pharmaceutical Packaging & Manufacturing Awards 2016 | 7 her, as a female entrepreneur, is that one has to challenge one’s own ability, and know how to cooperate in teams to utilize the team members’ best skills. The company is family to Brigitte, and she feels that everyone involved should share the value and be part of the continued development and success of Lenus Pharma. The company aims for excellence, and is proud of the their team achievements. “Lenus Pharma is just different; what really counts with us is the human touch. This is where our vision meets our product, as they are made to satisfy human expectations. Our success confirms that our way works.” says Brigitte Annerl. Lenus Pharma has just celebrated its 10th anniversary, and intent to further continue their geographical expansion, and continue their efforts in assisting specialists in their research. In 2016, Lenus Pharma made the decision to become active on the US market. Their US headquarters will be based in Los Angeles. It will also look to continue its expansion into the Asian region this year; starting in October 2016, they will launch Profertil® in Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. They aim to be present in a further six countries and offer their products to two billion people by the end of 2017. Contact Details Company: Lenus Pharma GesmbH Name: Brigitte Annerl (CEO) Email: [email protected] Web Address: or Address: Seeböckgasse 59, AT-1160 Vienna, Austria Telephone: +431 405 14 19 - 0