Pharma Packaging & Manufacturing Awards

8 | ghp Pharmaceutical Packaging & Manufacturing Awards 2016 Best Microfluidic Product Manufacturer 2016 MiniFAB’s purpose is to improve the health and wellness of people and the environment through the application of advanced technologies, from their headquarters in Melbourne, Australia and offices in the USA and UK. Their customers are varied, and range from start-ups seeking to commercialise key inventions, established businesses expanding and diversifying their product offering, and large multinationals implementing the latest technologies into their new products. Since MiniFAB started in 2002, Dr Erol Harvey notes that they have completed over 1,000 projects for more than 250 clients around the world, and they operate GMP manufacturing facilities that produce many millions of devices each year. “Our customers typically have core Intellectual Property around which they are developing a new product. Under strict confidentiality, we are constantly exposed to the latest advances in technology and the newest innovations in science. It is our policy that new IP generated in the development process and embodied in our product solution is owned by our customers, thus building and enhancing the value of their IP portfolio and supporting their efforts to raise commercialisation capital.” “MiniFAB constantly keeps abreast of technological developments and advancements to ensure that we provide the best solutions to our clients. Our staff regularly attend international conferences and conventions, are reviewers for national granting bodies, provide guest lectures at universities and run specialist technical workshops and entrepreneurship boot camps. We regularly attend leading international industry events and trade fairs. We develop and manufacture products for our clients for regulated markets, hence we keep current with regulatory requirements, processes and legislation.” “Within MiniFAB’s ISO 13485 facility we operate in-house cleanrooms with a fully integrated range of processes that include injection moulding, micro-milling, electroforming, laser ablation, nano-scale deposition, protein immobilisation, surface modification, precision bonding and much more. Process integration is very important; raw manufacturing materials enter the cleanroom and fully tested and packaged products exit the cleanroom, thus ensuring the highest possible quality.” MiniFAB is fortunate to be surrounded by incredible infrastructure and expertise in biotechnology, medical bionics, and analytical sciences. Dr Erol Harvey explains that they have close links with researchers at universities in Australia and with leading groups around the world. “An example of this would be that the Australian Synchrotron MiniFAB specialises in developing and manufacturing custom micro- engineered solutions that solve complex problems, often integrating microfluidics, polymer and hybrid materials and advanced manufacturing processes. MiniFAB’s expertise includes disposable cartridges for Point of Care diagnostics, lab-on-a-chip solutions for sample preparation and diagnostics, and micro-engineered components and systems for medical devices. We spoke to Dr Erol Harvey, CEO, to find out more. PP160003