Pharma Packaging & Manufacturing Awards

ghp Pharmaceutical Packaging & Manufacturing Awards 2016 | 9 is ten minutes down the road, and at Monash University we have access to advanced protein R&D expertise, biomedical imaging and microscopy.” “The world is a rapidly shrinking place as communications constantly improve and personal networks readily stretch across continents. Video conferencing, cloud-based collaboration tools and frequent face-to-face visits and workshops enable us to build strong teams that actively involve our customers and frequently, other specialist development partners. MiniFAB’s culture is youthful, energetic and multicultural, even among the experienced staff with several decades to their age! Expertise is brought in from established industries such as the auto industry, scientific equipment manufacture, biotech, microfluidics and polymer processing.” “Our development team has many PhD qualified members, who have been trained in the major universities and businesses around the world, and more than 30 languages are spoken as a first language by our staff. This diversity is brought together in project teams that address specific customer needs. Collaboration, teamwork and effective communication create a productive relationship with our clients, no matter where in the world and in which time zone they happen to be. In customer surveys, this is usually remarked on as one of the highlights of working with MiniFAB, and we always strive to build and maintain this culture within our firm.” “Motivation, drive and a willingness to go the extra mile are essential characteristics of Contact Details Company: MiniFAB Pty Ltd Name: Dr Erol Harvey CEO Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 1 Dalmore Drive, Melbourne, Victoria 3179, AUSTRALIA Telephone: +61 3 9764 2241 MiniFAB employees. Since we are often creating solutions to our customer’s most challenging problems, we also look for and encourage creativity, the ability to think outside the box, and a capacity to borrow solutions from other industries rather than ‘reinventing the wheel’. For the manufacturing team, it is attention to detail, thoroughness and rigorous team-based thought processes that build the best production systems.” Dr Erol Harvey believes that the coming decades will see an acceleration in the consumerization of health, and with it, new and expanding markets for devices and the data they produce. “Products that can be implemented in resource- limited settings will drive innovative solutions that bring advanced health technologies closer to everybody. MiniFAB is at the forefront of the development and manufacture of such products, especially those targeting novel Point of Care solutions. Our clients build business value by providing integrated solutions around the consumable devices MiniFAB manufactures on their behalf. We are excited about the positive impact this will have on the health and wellness of people and the environment.”