Social Care Awards 2017

10 | ghp Social Care Awards 2017 Best Homecare Services Provider - South of England MiHomecare’s services include help at home, companionship, domestic support, meal preparation, medication support, personal care, respite services, reablement, supported living, live-in care, complex care and end-of- life care. By tailoring the care they provide to each individual who utilises their services, the firm helps people to live a happier and more independent life, in the comfort of their own home. This allow the customer to stay in a familiar environment, surrounded by their belongings and their loved ones, which makes an enormous difference to their quality of life. Everything MiHomecare do is underpinned by their simple mission; ‘to provide care that you would choose for a loved one’. This forms the basis of the firm’s culture and clearly demonstrates to both employees and the outside world what MiHomecare is all about and how they intend to function. This mission also allows the company to ask the question of whether this is the standard of care that they would be happy for their loved ones to receive, and if the answer to this question is no, they quickly recognise that things need to be done differently. The mission provides MiHomecare with a clear focus for the continuous improvement of their services. Delivering a high-quality service for every customer, every day, involves having the right people, the right processes and the right systems in place; MiHomecare anchor their mission statement into reality by monitoring the service they provide and measuring it against rigorous quality standards. One of the key ways the company assesses how well they are performing is feedback from their customers. Annual customer surveys are carried out, and MiHomecare make sure they act on the responses they receive from this. They also actively involve their customers in their business decisions; this input helps MiHomecare improve their services and has often given them valuable new ideas and suggestions. After all, the company believes there is no one better to develop their business than those they care for. MiHomecare understand the vital importance of having a skilled, honest, respectful and compassionate workforce, as they know that they have been placed in a position of trust by their customer. Customers and their families rely on the work completed by the company, so they work hard to repay the trust placed in them by delivering the highest standards of care possible. The core values of the company are instilled throughout the organisation, and they are proud to employ people who are passionate about the work they do. MiHomecare has a strong focus on training, and this starts with an accredited and nationally-recognised induction course for all their care workers. Regular refresher training courses ensure that skills are kept up to date, and the care team are always fully supported by a team of supervisors and managers. MiHomecare started life as Enara; a company that had been providing quality home care services since 1996. In October 2012, Mitie acquired Enara and renamed the business MiHomecare, which now works to provide care for people of all ages by offering a wide range of services. SO170012