Social Care Awards 2017

14 | ghp Social Care Awards 2017 Best Medical Practice Operator 2017 - Australia IPN is the trusted business partner of more than 1,800 independent General Practitioners who practise with complete clinical sovereignty from within IPN Medical Centres. The group provides a professional service for its Doctors and the patients, driven by a respect for quality medicine. The core mission of the group is to ensure that IPN is ‘Supporting Better Medicine’ in everything they do. IPN employs over 3,000 healthcare professionals as nurses, practice managers, customer service and corporate staff. IPN take great care when engaging with their Doctors and staff, offering formal induction programs and clinical support, as well as numerous employee training opportunities. The group fosters a culture of learning and caring where honesty, communication and creativity are encouraged, recognised and rewarded. IPN aims to provide an environment in which well- trained employees are valued and respected for delivering quality service and excellent care. IPN is a subsidiary of Sonic Clinical Services (SCS) - the primary care division of Sonic Healthcare. SCS brings together a range of businesses that provide national healthcare services and solutions including GP clinics and after hours GP services, occupational and remote health services, community and home nursing services, health assessment technologies and hospital avoidance programs. The SCS network includes other premium trusted brands such as Sonic HealthPlus; DoctorDoctor, Australian Skin Cancer Clinics, Lifescreen and SmartHealth. SCS also offers primary care research programs, clinical trials and chronic disease management services. Approximately 70% of Australians live within 10 kilometres of an SCS healthcare facility. IPN is committed to being at the forefront of new developments in technology that can improve the delivery of quality patient care. IPN is investing in a range of innovative platforms focused on enhancing their service offering to both patients and doctors. Examples include IPN’s online booking ‘GP4Me’ app, appointment reminders, chronic disease management technology solutions, patient record access and after hours care solutions all are delivering significant improvements in quality patient care. Leveraging digital technologies to enhance communication with patients and doctors will become increasing important as we embrace the challenges facing healthcare in Australia. With IPN Medical Centres, you are in the best of health. IPN Medical Centres (IPN) remains true to its history, a premium, experienced operator of general practices, focused on delivering high- quality patient care. SO170019 Company: IPN Medical Centres Name: Philip Chandrapal Email: philip.chandrapal@ Web Address: . au/ or Address: Level 32, 60 Margaret St, Sydney, NSW 2000 Telephone: 02 8288 8982 Mobile: 0427 464 534