Social Care Awards 2017

ghp Social Care Awards 2017 | 15 Best Exercise & Nutritional Therapy Service - South East England N.ableD support clients of all ages who are often socially-isolated due to the impacts of ill health and feeling disconnected from their local community. Nadine outlines how the firm works to support people and ensure that they receive the services and solutions they need to improve their health and well-being. “Here at N.ableD, our aim is to bridge the gap between the client and their community by regularly visiting them in their own home and by coaching them with exercise and nutritional therapy. In addition, we also try to connect our clients with other valuable services in their local community, which they may not otherwise know about or feel confident enough to attend by themselves. “The steps we take to ensure we actually help our clients make real progress in changing their lifestyle, include encouraging them to keep a diary of their day-to-day activity, as well noting the quantity and quality of food and drink being consumed; monitoring physiological changes, such as blood pressure and blood glucose levels; and doing mental well-being self- assessments. This is all done with our clients’ expressed permission to help us better evaluate the effectiveness of our service in improving their physical health and mental well-being.” One key achievement which highlights the firm’s success in this endeavour is the fact that it was the first micro-provider organisation to be awarded with East London Solutions (ELS) Quality Assurance by a local authority within its first year of service. This achievement is testament to the high standards of work that the firm operate within, and moving forward the firm will be looking to continue this legacy of excellence and support a wider range of clients through collaboration, as Nadine concludes. “Currently we are in the process of filming a documentary about our award-winning service as a way to showcase our work to other organisations who may wish to collaborate with us, as we strongly believe in partnership working being the key to making a long-lasting positive impact on the community that we are all helping to serve together.” N.ableD is a social enterprise organisation which exists to empower those living with disabling health conditions or injuries to take back the control of their own health and well-being through combined exercise and nutritional therapy. We invited Founder and Director Nadine Denneth to talk us through the vital work the firm undertakes. Company: N.ableD Name: Nadine Denneth Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 4 Stirling House, Sunderland Quay, Culpeper Close, Rochester, Kent, ME2 4HN Telephone: 0300 030 1033