Social Care Awards 2017

ghp Social Care Awards 2017 | 17 Best Disability & Mental Illness Support NPO - Sydney & GHP Excellence Award for Carer Support - Sydney SO170025 Northside coordinates and partners with a range of specialist and high quality services which give people greater choice, and enhances their independence and wellbeing. The organisation believe that all citizens should have services which are easy to access, where they are given a range of options and given peace of mind. Danielle explains that as a not-for-profit business, Northside are a customer first organisation, and everything they do revolves around the customer and the community, not shareholders. “Our vision is for every person to live their best life, and we believe we can achieve this by connecting people with affordable and accessible services and care in the local community, thus enhancing independence and wellbeing, supporting people to live the life they choose, via the support of a vibrant and integrated service system. “Northside is currently able to offer services including respite for carers and their dependents, domestic assistance for older people and those with disabilities, social events and activities for the vulnerable, transport, home modifications, dementia education, educational support for young carers, care coordination and support for service access and education and support for the community care industry. In order to be able to offer these services to the highest standards, we have just launched a new online integrated IT system. “Our sector has traditionally not been highly focused on technology, as most of our resources are invested in people who are caring for people. Our system will allow our clients to access their own client portal, which integrates online through mobile apps or SMS. This means that our business will transform into a 24-hour multiple customer touchpoint business. Our clients will have the choice not only of a range of services, but will also be able to decide when and how they want to interact with us, prior, during, and post service. “The introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and Consumer Directed Care in Aged Care have each resulted in increased marketization of the sector and therefore, greater competition and opportunity for partnership. In light of this, going forward we are focused on positioning to grow our reach, continuing to demonstrate our ongoing value and expanding our service offering.” Northside Community Forum is an independent, not-for-profit organisation, with 30 years’ experience in supporting 90,000 people with disabilities, mental illnesses, older people and their carers. The organisation’s unique approach assists people to choose their support needs through a range of direct and brokered services that best suit the individual’s goals, budget and lifestyle requirements. We spoke to Danielle Ballantine, Chief Executive Officer, who told us more. Company: Northside Community Forum Name: Danielle Ballantine Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: Suite 101, Level 1, 10 Help Street, CHATSWOOD NSW 2067 Telephone: 1300 134 332