Social Care Awards 2017

ghp Social Care Awards 2017 | 21 Company: Tomorrow’s Voices - Bermuda Autism Early Intervention Centre Name: Thea Furbert (Co-Founder & Board Chair) Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: Bay View, #4 Happy Valley Road, Pembroke, HM19, Bermuda Telephone: +441 297 4342 so as to encourage the staff to adopt similar practices. Additionally, we make this a focal point of team meetings to ensure that we are all thinking about how to support our team as a whole. We have professional development days plotted throughout the year, and we always plan training around how to strengthen our team, which we have found incredibly useful. “In terms of professional development and ensuring a high quality performance from each member of staff, we offer an internal development package which is designed to train those team members who come in at an entry level position, to reach the next level up. This is useful because it gives the staff a clear progression path and provides plenty of opportunities for review. Additionally, we offer supervision so that people can train to become Board Certified Behaviour Analysts themselves.” Looking to the future, Tomorrow’s Voices will continue the training of junior staff, particularly the Bermudian staff, to become board certified. Thea notes that the centre hopes to increase the number of board certified behaviour analysts on the island in order to meet the increasingly growing need for the services they provide. “We continue to strive to raise the funds required to keep our doors open to the clients and families that rely on our services. It is our goal to continue to expand our services so that we can increase the number of clients we can serve, and so that we reduce the number of clients on our waiting list. It is a pipe dream as well to potentially open up an entire school, rather than just a clinic- based environment, which would be based on the principles of behaviour analysis, so that typical children, as well as those with Autism and other disabilities, can benefit from this approach in their learning and development.” GHP Award for ASD & Learning Difficulties Inclusion in Sport - UK SO170020 Since establishment, Snowbility has seen dramatic results with young people on the autistic spectrum, through their work with the National Autistic Society. The positive results have not only been seen in the skiing ability of those utilising the service, but also in their social and motor skills, such as communication, confidence, interaction and fitness. One such success story is Harry, who was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism (HFA) and Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), at age three. Harry’s family explain that prior to his induction at Snowbility, it was a real struggle to get Harry to participate in any activities outside of the house. Owing to this, Harry found himself unable to make or maintain friendships, and his life became increasingly isolated. This is where Snowbility stepped in and drastically changed Harry’s life. His family found an advertisement for the firm, and decided to follow up on the opportunity, as they were intrigued by the services that were offered. Snowbility have an understanding that each autistic child is different and has different needs; there are no mutterings about bad behaviour and no criticisms about parenting, just understanding. They also have an appreciation that autistic children can respond positively to skiing, when given the right support. From the moment Harry hit the slopes, he adored it. He has now been skiing for several years and the benefits both he and his family have enjoyed are enormous. Harry is unable to access many sports, so the fact that he has learned to ski is incredible. Other results are less easily quantified; Harry has not only learned to Snowbility was established in October 2011, in order to make a difference to those with additional needs, such as autism and dyspraxia, through snow sports. They also provide experiences for those with all forms of rehabilitation challenges. ski, he has learned some invaluable life lessons too. His independence, confidence and self-awareness have all been boosted by skiing. The effect this has had on his personality is just amazing, and his family truly does not believe that Harry would be the happy, outgoing and confident child he is if he had not found an activity he truly enjoys. Snowbility’s coaches are fully qualified and experienced in both the indoor and alpine environments, as well as being trained to fulfil Snowbility’s ethos of ‘achieving potential through sport’ and are flexible in adapting their coaching methods to an individual’s abilities and goals. This is why they have achieved such phenomenal success with people like Harry. Within the Snowbility family, there is a discrimination free-zone, respecting the individuality of each person’s specific needs and their natural abilities. Company: Snowbility Name: Richard Fetherston Email Address: [email protected] Web Address: Address: The Snow Centre, St Albans Hill, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, HP39NH Telephone: 07713888199