Social Care Awards 2017

Contact Details Company: European Health Management Association (EHMA) Address: Rue Belliard 15-17, 1040 Bruxelles, Belgium Phone: +32 (0)2 502 6525 Email: [email protected] Website: presentations together with an informal and relaxed atmosphere. So as to ensure that everyone gets the most out of the conference, each year EHMA works hard to ensure an informal atmosphere that facilitates networking. As part of the conference, the EHMA hosts The Karolinska Medical Management Centre/ EHMA Research Award; an annual award for the best contribution associated with a doctoral thesis related to health management. Selected by the EHMA Scientific Advisor Committee, the best abstracts will have the opportunity to compete for a 1000 € prize during a dedicated PhD Students’ session at the EHMA’s Annual Conferences. The criteria for the award is that applicants should be young researchers in the final phase of PhD studies or who have recently completed a PhD. Only the PhD students may present the abstract; thesis supervisors are not allowed to present the papers on behalf of their students. Abstracts do not have to be linked to the conference theme but must be associated with a doctoral thesis in the field of health policy and management. Last year’s winner was Lieke Oldenhof, from Institute of Health Policy and Management, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, the Netherlands for his thesis; The Multiple Middle: Managing in Healthcare. Fundamentally, EHMA’s mission is to translate EU policy to the organisational level and influence the agenda from the bottom up. To achieve this, the organisation collaborates with leading research institutions to accelerate the uptake of research findings into practice. In addition, its management improvement portfolio supports health care innovation and education to enable the delivery of high quality healthcare across Europe. Alongside its central service offering, the organisation also offers a youth department designed to support young people in making a difference to healthcare across Europe. A recent initiative, the Young EHMA group provides a unique environment where researchers, policy analysts and health managers are able to network within their own self-managed space. In addition to running events at the Annual Conference Young EHMA will be developing opportunities for exchange visits and peer to peer training opportunities. Overall, EHMA draws on this collaborative approach and strong network, as well as more than three decades of experience in building and supporting communities of interest within the field of health management and policy to enhance its work. This now manifests itself the use of the most up to date forms of social media and the highest quality networking events. The organisation brings together a unique mix of healthcare professionals, operational managers, researchers, policy analysts and educators. Joined by a common purpose to improve the transfer of policy into practice, the space EHMA is able to provide is valued by stakeholders for its ability to bring new thinking to challenges both new and old. In order to continue to provide its vital support and services, EHMA is always open to organisations or individuals who would like to join them in delivering their exciting change agenda, and as such the organisation’s ongoing focus will be on growing its network and continuing to change the way Europe delivers its healthcare services.