Social Care Awards 2017

8 | ghp Social Care Awards 2017 Award for Excellence in Palliative Care Research - Ecuador Being a teaching hospital HDLV has continuing education programs in health, specializing in numerous areas such as pediatrics, internal medicine and obstetrics, and also maintains a valuable strategic partnership with Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ), the top medical university in Ecuador. This relationship allows the hospital to develop the next generation of well qualified teams of doctors and nurses, as well as paramedics. The mission of HDLV is to provide Community Health Services through an integral and efficient clinical practice; providing a committed and friendly model of care. Their value statements, which guide their mission, is to treat everyone in their diverse community, including patients, their families and colleagues, with dignity and to deliver the best and highest quality service through a dedicated effort of the team. All teams within the hospital provide top quality care to patients and their families through sensitivity and empathy. At HDLV, the needs of the patient come first. To strengthen the user experience, HDLV use multiple approaches to allow them to gain instant feedback regarding patient care, which includes; touchscreen tablets on every floor allowing instant feedback for patients and doctors, a suggestions box for any comments or complaints, 24/7 direct telephone access to Customer Service representatives and feedback surveys presented at cashiers to gain insights on service. The hospital has a variety of specialties ranging from a general ward to OBGYN and Pediatrics. Until 2013, HDLV had a 17-bed mixed ICU that catered to both pediatric and adult patients. Based on a local study completed in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University (USA) about the quality of care and financial costs of maintaining a mixed ICU at HDLV, 2013 saw the decision made to establish the first Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) of its kind in Ecuador. HDLV’s PICU employs an innovative, family-centered model of care that takes a holistic approach to the palliation of patients’ pain. The creation of this 6-bed unit increased Ecuador’s national Pediatric Critical Care Capacity by 20% and also simultaneously created Ecuador’s only evidence-based Integrated Model of Care that incorporates palliative and family-centered care principles. HDLV’s PICU’s unique Critical and Palliative Care Team invites patients and their families to work closely with highly trained doctors and nurses in order to create the best treatment plans possible for each individual. The team seeks to treat the physical, psychological, social, spiritual, and cultural pain that patients and their families may experience Hospital De Los Valles (HDLV) is a multi-specialty hospital catering to the cities of Cumbaya and Quito, in the Pichincha province of Ecuador. The hospital is built on four hectares of land, of which 7600 meters make up its infrastructure, then surrounded by ample green spaces. The hospital prides itself on working with top professionals in all specialties and subspecialties, utilising cutting-edge technology in all areas. SO170023