Social Care Awards 2017

during periods of critical illness and injury in order to provide the best quality of life possible to all patients, regardless of their prognoses or diagnoses. To achieve this goal, HDLV’s unit employs a shared decision-making model that respects families as experts about their child and involves them in meetings with multidisciplinary teams of specialists, such as doctors, psychologists, spiritual leaders, and social workers. The Integrated Model of Care has dramatically improved patient symptom assessment and management, family-physician communication, and patients’ satisfaction with their treatment experiences. In accordance with the hospital’s commitment to high-quality, holistic patient care, they continue to research new and better ways to further improve patients’ wellbeing. Hospital de Los Valles has a number of exciting projects in the pipeline, including a Humanized Birth Center, Cardiology Center and a Gastroenterology Center, whose infrastructure is being equipped with advanced technology and the best doctors trained in conditions of the digestive system. They treat and prevent disorders of the pancreas, liver, stomach, small intestine and colon. Humanized Birth Center The Ob/Gyn and Women’s Health Institute is designed to meet the unique and changing medical needs of women during and after pregnancy. The Labor and Delivery rooms allow mothers to give birth and recover in a comfortable, home-like setting, next to loved ones in the most secure environment, offering state of the art facilities. The center provides 24/7 professional care with an in house Ob/Gyn Doctor. HDLV are currently working on the launch of a Humanized Birth Center, which creates a friendly environment for families and their newborns. This center will make an immense difference in the reception of the new-born, as the baby never separates from the mother. In the area of pediatrics, the concept of Family Centered Care is implemented at all times, where the child is constantly surrounded by their parents or guardians to provide emotional support. Cardiology Center HDLV’s renovated Cardiology Institute offers the latest innovations in cardiac care and clinical therapies to patients of all ages. The hospital sees patients with very common heart problems, such as angina, artery problems, valvular heart disease, and heart failure and provide them with state-of-the-art tests and procedures to help make an accurate diagnosis and prompt treatment. Non-invasive cardiac investigations are carried out for both inpatients and outpatients, which includes echocardiography, electrocardiogram, 24-hour blood pressure monitor, 24-hour ambulatory monitor, and autonomic function test. The staff provide both adult and children’s heart services, which have a growing national and international reputation. Company: Hospital de Los Valles. Universidad San Francisco de Quito. Web Address: