GHP 2018 Animal & Wellness Awards

GHP / 2018 Animal & Wellness Awards 13 , Best Animal Health Product Manufacturer – India& Award for Innovation in Probiotics 2018 Drawing onmore than 100 years’ experience in the animal healthmarket, Tablets (India) Limited offers a wide range of solutions. As part of our overview of a selection of the winners from this year’s Animal Health & Wellness Awards we invited Dr. J. Godfred Ponraj to provide us with an insight into the company and how it has achieved the incredible success it enjoys today. Originally a British company which was sold to be promoters of Mr. Sri Krishna Jhaver by the year 1894, over the years Tablets (India) Limited has grown, thanks to its involvement in research and development. Today, the firm employs 6500 staff and offers a wide range of solutions and products. Dr. J. Godfred Ponraj provides us with a fascinating history of the firm and how he has helped drive it to the strong market position for Tablets (India) Limited’s Animal Health business, it enjoys today thanks to his vast expertise. “In 2004, TIL Biosciences – (The Animal Health Division of M/s Tablets (India) Limited) was born. Being the first employee of this Animal Health Division, over the years with my team, we developedgoodrangeofproducts for aquaculture (shrimp and fish) and companion animal health care. All the products are eco- friendly, and as such are devoid of steroids and hormones. We in principle do not manufacture or promote any antibiotics for animal health. Instead, our key focus is to expand our animal health care product market globally and improve the status of livestock farming. The world is in need of animal protein and the requirement will drastically increase in the upcoming future. In order to supply the global need, livestock production must increase. Thus, we ensure that our product serves the purpose. This focus has developed since my childhood days and was highly motivated and involved in maintaining animal life. This interest grew further with age while improving my business acumen. M/s Tablets (India) Limited offered me the freedom to explore the growing world. “Personally, with my involvement in product development, branding, training staff, sales and marketing, developed a business unit, TIL Biosciences. Today there are 50 direct employees and over 300 indirect beneficiaries serving TIL Biosciences. We feel that we are responsible for the safe and sustainable future for Animal Health and working hard to conserve animal life. As such, we work with consultants, farmers, pet breeders, dealers, agents and distributors all across India and in several countries like Nepal, Myanmar, Australia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, and Ghana. This overseas network is expanding each day and we are proud to be working with so many experts to make the world a better place for animals of every species.” Animal health and welfare is incredibly important to the firm, and as such it works alongside its staff and clients to ensure that its products are used properly and to the benefit of the animals that take them, as Dr. J. Godfred Ponraj highlights. “As a company, we are highly concerned about the safety of animals and we emphasize on sustainable farming practices. Hence, we supply products to the animals that are free from steroids and antibiotics. We have registered our products in the appropriate bodies. Our staff are provided with safety gears while processing the products and were also provided with proper health insurance to the staff and their family members.” As he looks to the future, Dr. J. Godfred Ponraj foresees greater success for Tablets (India) Limited, as the company seeks to evolve and enhance its service offering to adapt around the changes it is seeing in the global animal health and healthcare space. “Looking ahead, we are developing a selection of unique products for livestock, and a number of these are already in the development stage, and a selected few are at the trial stage. We expected to launch these innovative new products in future, and this will benefit the market as there are many reports on emerging and re-emerging diseases. As such, we foresee even greater success for our company over the years to come.” AH180011 Company: Tablets (India) Limited Contact: Dr. J. Godfred Ponraj Address: Jhaver Centre, 72 Marshalls Road, Chennai, 600 008, India Phone: 0091 9444081141 Website: