GHP 2018 Animal & Wellness Awards

18 GHP / 2018 Animal & Wellness Awards , Dr. Evan Antin Created by animal expert and veterinarian Dr. Evan Antin, Happy Pet is a dog wellness brand designed for owners who are seeking a high quality, gentle and innovative grooming system for their pet. Dr. Evan knows that a healthy pet equals a happy pet, so he designed this line for pet owners who want to take control of their pup’s health and well-being by using products that are synergistic with modern veterinary medicine. “I’m extremely excited to get Happy Pet out on the shelves! The Happy Pet line provides dogs with quality grooming products, featuring gentle ingredients that are effective and lasting,” said Dr. Antin. He is joined by other vets in recommending Happy Pet’s Dr. Evan Antin Launches Happy Pet, An Eco-Friendly Pet Wellness Brand Dr. Antin Brings the New Sustainability-Focused Pet Health and Wellness Brand to Pet Lovers Nationwide. preventative products for their holistic ingredients and for not being tested on animals. All products are manufactured in the U.S. and the majority of products have been manufactured at a solar powered facility. The company’s brand is divided into three convenient categories: Clean Pet, Fresh Pet and Active Pet. Happy Pet also provides the option to save by signing up for their subscription service, featuring a variety of four different bundles that include free shipping. Happy Pet’s Clean Collection has everything your pup needs for a gentle cleanse, whether it’s for a bubbly bath with their Shampaw™! (available in Original and Extra Senstive) and Cuddle me!™ Conditioner or an on-the-go fur refresher with a PH-balanced Dry Shampaw™powder spray! All #CleanPet products are made 100% paraben and sulfate free to make sure your dog’s cleanse time is free of harmful chemicals. Happy Pet’s Fresh Collection is designed to keep your pup looking and smelling clean between groomings. The Furwell Odor! Deodorizing Wipes and Spray are a perfect quick fix to have your pup smelling fresh as a daisy. If your pup has uncomfortable or irritated skin, the Hits the (Hot) Spot wipes can provide instant relief. Lastly, if your dog has dry paws, the Pawesome! Paw Moisturizer will leave them feeling smooth and soft. The Active Collection is perfect for your adventurous pup. Protect their nose, ears and skin from harmful sunburn with the Hot Dog! Stick (compares to SPF 30 rated sunscreen for people) and spray (compares to SPF 15 rated sunscreen for people), so your precious furry friend can run around carefree and healthy. Happy Pet products can be purchased online at as well as and in most Petco stores nationwide. These products have been featured on the Home Shopping Network (HSN) and exclusive bundles are now available for purchase through HSN. 1