GHP 2018 Animal & Wellness Awards

GHP / 2018 Animal & Wellness Awards 5 Nanosanitas by PLiN-Nanotechnology S.A g Company: NanoSanitas (by PLiN-Nanotechnology S.A.) Contact: M.Sc. Afrodite Vlachou ( [email protected] ) Website: balanced (gender specific) and come in both, long and short hair variations to optimize sunscreen factors, conditioner etc. As such, we are able to cater to a range of clients and provide them with innovative solutions they cannot find elsewhere.” These unique products have to be created to the highest possible standard, as Alexander is keen to showcase. “Since the differentiator of all our products lies in the presence of nanoparticles, their quality is paramount to us. To ensure this, we produce all our nano-materials in-house. Our high production standards and rigorous quality control guarantee the narrow size distribution of our nanoparticles, while allowing us to functionalize their surface properties specifically for each application. With a vast network of accredited testing laboratories and R&D centers, we exhaustively test all our materials and products (e.g. for Anti-odor, skin-friendly properties, antibacterial action, suitability for use) and have been granted several certificates for a variety of performance related characteristics. All our products are hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly. They are perfectly safe in their intended use (e.g. skin-compatible and non-irritating for humans) and easy/repeated application.” With NanoSanitas being a rather new endeavour, the team prides itself on the international attention it has already attracted. Already commercially available in nine countries around the globe, the firm was recently funded by a VC ( and are currently looking to expand its network of distributors. Dr. Theodora Karamanidou (the company’s CEO) talks us through the firm’s future plans in a concluding comment. “Pet related expenditures have doubled over the last 10 years (APPA), with pet humanization becoming a growing trend. This has led the average (US) dog owner to spend more than € 600€ annually, on veterinary and other medical related expenses. As the rest of the world follows this paradigm, we foresee a significant rise of para-pharmaceutical products, targeting a relief of these medical expenses.” “With NanoSanitas, we have positioned ourselves right in the centre of this emerging market, supplementing conventional grooming products (e.g. shampoos) with nano- engineered ones, able to prevent pathologies and diseases. At PLiN Nanotechnology S.A. we believe that the € 80€ annually, spent on average for grooming products by US dog owners, are more than enough to shield our four-legged companions from pathogens.” “To further enhance our success, alongside our Silver-Line we are currently preparing to launch our ultra-premium Gold-Line (patent pending). Based on gold nanoparticles, these products will also capitalize on the exceptional properties of high-end natural ingredients, such as silk proteins and argan oil. The composition of our ‘Liquid-Gold’ is based on a unique anti-itching formula, which moisturizes and restores dull and dry fur, into a smooth coat with silky texture. This development and the others we have planned will allow us to further grow and flourish, supporting even more pet owners over the years to come.”