GHP 2018 Animal & Wellness Awards

8 GHP / 2018 Animal & Wellness Awards , Dogmatic (UK) Ltd Originally created to overcome a personal need, Dogmatic has since evolved into a popular brand of Headcollar which is now supplied to a rapidly growing number of shops, vets, training schools, behaviourists, groomers and other pet product suppliers. AH180001 Best Dog Collar Manufacturer 2018 - UK With more than 17 years’ experience creating revolutionary dog headcollars and leads, Dogmatic (UK) Ltd offers owners the chance to reduce the stress put on their arms and increase their control over their dog thanks to its innovative design. We invited Zoe Lewsley to talk us through the product and how it benefits both owners and their dogs. Zoe discusses how the idea came into being. “Dogmatic first began out of necessity. Susan Lewsley, my mother and the designer of the Dogmatic, has had back, leg and neck pain for 28 years due to disc and nerve problems and arthritis resulting in nine major back operations and two major neck operations plus arthritis in her hands. She has had her spine rebuilt from pelvis to neck. “This meant she could no longer walk or even hold our dogs let alone be involved in showing them. We had Dobermanns for 26 years (including Tommy, Top Dobermann in the UK 2000) and enjoyed showing them. We were using the known makes of headcollars but found, not only did they not stop them pulling, they were all rubbing and riding up into our dogs’ eyes and they had even managed to get them off. We found neither the Headcollars or harnesses were