GHP 2018 Animal & Wellness Awards

GHP / 2018 Animal & Wellness Awards 9 g Dogmatic (UK) Ltd Company: Dogmatic (UK) Ltd Contact: Zoe Lewsley Address: Estover Lodge, Sleapford, Long Lane, Telford Shropshire TF6 6HQ, UK Phone: 01952 245330 Website: taking the strength or weight of the dogs and, in fact, the dogs were putting their weight against the harnesses thus making them even harder to hold on to with some makes rubbing them raw. “Mum’s problems were being aggravated by trying to cope with our three Dobermanns and as a result walking, showing or even holding them was no longer viable. Rather than give up, she decided to experiment with a Headcollar that would work by turning the dog’s head in a kindly manner which would ensure the body would have to follow yet was comfortable to wear and would stop your dog pulling and lunging.” Having identified the problem, Zoe and her mother set about trying to overcome this, and developed a unique solution, which she discusses in more detail. “When we first started creating our products, we had a local saddler help with prototypes/ samples etc., Many ideas/ styles were tried and tested until we were happy with the finished product. The Headcollar evolved into the present design and the finished product not only is comfy but does not ride up or go near the dog’s eyes. It works on all breeds/sizes of dog and ensures your dog will immediately follow where you want to lead. An extra bonus is that, in an emergency, the Dogmatic can be used to close the dog’s mouth and turn its head to enable the owner to keep their dog safe but immediately releases again allowing the dog to pant, drink, carry a toy etc., It is very comfortable for the dog to wear and offers complete control for the owner. We have even been able to help other disabled owners with their dogs and also dogs in rescue who were previously untrainable and, therefore, unable to be rehomed. “At the time, we had three black leather Headcollars with brass fittings made for our dogs and this meant Mum and I could now walk the dogs together and she could hold them when I was in the ring etc. This was a major lifestyle change and since then we have been providing the Dogmatic Headcollar to our grateful clients and enjoying seeing them use and love them.” Today, Dogmatic supplies its Headcollars to a range of clients and sellers, with various breeds and sizes of dogs catered for. Zoe concludes by exploring how far the firm has come and how she and her mother have developed this novel idea into a successful business. “ Over the years we lost our Dobermanns but had fallen in love with the Italian Spinone and had Kofi who became our new mascot and model for the Dogmatic, his Son Archie and Grandson Norman (now 11 years) and now Kofi’s Great Grand Nephew, Bertie. We have gone on learning and expanding, and we also have a range of headcollars, collars and leads in padded cushioned webbing which come in a vibrant range of different colours. We have a specialised training range in top quality lined leather available in black/brass and brown/ brass. Additionally, we have designed our own packaging and branding and it is amazing to see the boys’ photos on the packaging on the stands at dog shows, including Crufts. Looking ahead, the only way is up for Dogmatic, and we look forward to innovating and enhancing our current success.”